Desert Snowball Fight ( 39 )

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Why did this ancient library have to be in bloody Egypt? After we looked at the note Maria gave me. We found it lead to Egypt. Not just anywhere in Egypt no, it was in the middle of nowhere and with sand everywhere.

I had sand in places I didn't I had. I sweat so much you could have made a pool if you ringed out my shirt.

Alex was just as close to death as I was. He was glaring at his empty water bottle as he sat atop, Blue who was unaffected but the blazing heat as he walked casually through the sand.

Apparently, it takes a lot for a dragon to sweat. This information so graciously proved from Athena as she laughed at my suffering.

Jason was hiding under Strom's strong grey wings. Ty was laid spread out on Raikou's back with his forearm draped across his face.

Roy, however, was perfectly fine. At that moment I had never hated any more than Roy. It seemed since Aurora was an ice dragon Roy was practically riding an ice cream cone.

"Argh, Alex groaned," We've been walking around for hours. There's nothing here."

"This is where Maria's note said to go", Ty said not removing his forearm of his face.

"But there's nothing but sand here.", Jason said gesturing around him.

" Kyra's library has been lost for centuries. Finding it out in the open like this is highly unlikely."

"Then where do we look?"

"I don't know. It was lost before I was even born.", Ty shrugged.

"Well someone had to have found it for it to be a story, right?", I questioned.

"The story ends with the library disappearing."

"Well, it's not like we're doing anything else. What's the story?", Alex joined.

"Well, the story starts with Kyra herself. She's an immortal, like Orthus, her thing is the pursuit of knowledge and so she built her library. The Library had a copy of every book ever written. Wanting to share her knowledge with those seeking it, she opened the doors to everyone. People came from every corner of the world to find what they wanted. The problem was that they found things they shouldn't of. Wars were started and people were slaughtered. Kyra, however, paid no attention to this and kept the doors open."

"Did she not care?", Roy asked sadly.

Ty shrugged, " I can't answer that, but I think she did. Her love of sharing her work just outweighed her guilt. That was until someone seeking power came to her. He asked for the power to fix the world that had wronged him. She said yes, letting an unstoppable evil upon the world."

"Zeref?", I questioned.

"Yes. Seeing the pain and chaos he brought was the final straw and Kyra closed the doors and no one saw the library again since. Over the years people have tried to look for it but no one to my knowledge has ever found it. If someone found it they certainly didn't tell anyone about it."

"Great, so we're screwed.", Jason groaned.

"Don't worry guys we'll find it", Roy said cheerfully.

"You and your personal ice cube don't get to talk. You don't share in our suffering.", Alex glared.

"O' I have an idea.", Roy declared before he turned to Aurora and whispered.

The white dragon nodded her head and open her mouth. An ice fog poured from her mouth and hung to the ground. The hot desert sand was instantly cooled and white snow appeared on top of the sand.

Roy happily hopped of Aurora. He leaned over and grabbed a handful of snow.

"Anyone up for a game?"

Alex shrugged and dismount Blue. He casually made a snowball and tossed it in his hand.

"You do know I've from Denver, right?", Alex smirked devilishly.

Alex whipped the snowball at Roy and nailed him to the face.

"Oh, I'm so getting in on this!", Jason shouted as he made a snowball of his own.

I laughed and hopped off Athena to join the fight. I saw Ty shrug as he dismounted Raikou. He made himself a snowball then smiled sinfully at me.

Before I even had time to make a snowball of my own the cold but refreshing snow hit my skin.

I retreated behind Athena and made a small snowball. Using Athena's large wing as cover I fired snowball after snowball at the boys.

I took my revenge on Ty by sneaking up behind him and shoving a snowball down the back of his shirt.

Although, I pretty sure I only managed to "sneak" up on him because he let me.

I was laughing like a hyena when a cold icy ball hit the side of my face with enough force to knock me down.

I sat on the ground laughing as a small stream of blood dripped from my nose.

"O' my God! I'm so sorry.", Roy apologized.

"It's fine.", I laughed.

"Here tilt your head up. It will help stop the bleeding.", Ty said as he held my head.

I thanked him as blood continued to run out my nose. The blood dripped off my chin and a small drop of blood fell onto the yellow sand.

As the disappeared into the sand the ground started to rumble.

To our left, the sand stated to pour away. Suddenly a single old fashioned door rose from the sand.

 Suddenly a single old fashioned door rose from the sand

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"I think I found the library.", Jason stated.

Ty helped me up and we walked over to the door. Jason pushed on the door but it didn't move an inch. Ty tapped him on the shoulder as Jason moved out of the way grumpily. Ty walked up to the door and grabbed the handle. He pulled open the door all without looking away from Jason.

The rest of us held back our laughter as we walked in.

The rest of us held back our laughter as we walked in

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"We found it!", Roy cheered happily.

"Who cares! This place has air conditioning, Alex yelled but was imminently silent when a hardback book came out of nowhere a hit him in the face.


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