Jail Break ( 38 )

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Maria and I exited the hospital room and made our way down the long white hallway. When we turned the corner I heard my father's voice. We turned around but it was too late.

He'd seen us. Luckily for us, he had a news reporter with him.

"Oh, sweetheart. Thank God you're alright. I was so worried.", he said as he pulled me into a hug.

I said nothing when he broke the hug. The news reporter and her cameraman moved closer and started questioning me.

I started to panic thankfully Maria saved me.

"Miss Highlander will answer your questions later. I'm sorry to say but she still petty shaken up with all that has happened and she needs her rest."

The news reporter nodded then turned to the cameraman and started talking again. Maria turned and huddled me away from the cameras sadly my father followed us.

He walked me into a side room and told Maria to wait outside. She regretfully did. I was then met with my father signature cold glare that burned through me.

I immediately felt small and helpless again when he started yelling.

"What the hell is wrong with you! First, you leave with the blonde inbred talking about dragons. Then you too run off to Rio like some knot off Romeo and Juliet!"

I felt the tears fall as he continued to yell at me without mercy.

"Listen here you're going to go home and smile and we'll never speak of this again. And that boy will never come near you again! I made sure of that. He's being sent to Carandiru Penitentiary right here in Brazil."

"Shouldn't he a least get a trial?"

"Laws like that don't matter when you have money. Haven't you learned that by now."

"You're a selfish monster ", I spat.

"I've been called worst. Now, we're going home and you're never leaving my houses again!"

He garbed me by my arm and pulled me out the door. He dragged me through the hospital halls. Maria followed worriedly behind us.

I smiled at her before I quietly summon a small fireball in my free hand. My father didn't notice, but Maria was shocked then her shock faded into a prideful smile.

I silently held the flame up to the end of my father's tuxedo jacket. The black fabric easily caught. I quickly killed the fire in my hand and acted as nothing happened as my father continued to pulled me through the hospital. When he turned around and instantly started to panic.

As he struggled to get his jacket off he let go of my hand. Then the fire alarm began blaring loudly throughout the hall. In the chaos, Maira grabbed my hand and we ran out of the hospital doors.

Maria hopped into the family car that was parked outside. I quickly got into the passenger's sit. She started the car and drove away from the panicked hospital. I took a deep breath for the first time that day.

"So you're an elemental?"

"Yes, but how did you know that?"

" I know more about your hidden world than you think."

" You know anything about the light of Spero? Because that could be helpful.", I joked as leaned back in the sit.

"Not really, but Kyra should."

"Who's Kyra?", I asked shocked.

"She an old friend. Who lives in a library that has every book ever written. If there was ever a book written about the light she will have it.", She said as she grabbed a piece of paper from the notebook my father always kept in the console.

She found and pen and sparbled an address on the paper. She then folded it and handed it to me.

"How do you know of all this?", I asked as I took and shoved it in my pocket.

"Your mother was like a sister to me. She told me everything."

" My mother! Was she a dragon rider?"

"Your mother was so much more. When she died I made a promise to her. I would help you in every way I could just as she would have. Your mother could have done more than I have, but right now I think I can help by breaking Ty out of jail."

"Thanks, Maria."

We then pulled into the police station parking lot and got out of the car.

"What's the plan?", I asked.

" They haven't moved him yet. So he's still in a solitary holding cell. I'll get the keys from the guard then you go get him why I distract the guards."

"You act like you've done this before."

"Maybe I have."

I suddenly felt scared of Maria as we walked inside. Maria went right up to the front desk. She started talking to the man behind the desk in Portuguese. I wasn't sure what she was saying but he turned and garbed a set of papers from behind him.

When he did she reached across the desk and plucked his keys from his belt. She handed them to me then motioned for me to go. Before the officer could turn back around.

I walked into the back where the holding cells were. I looked into each cell looking for Ty. I found him at the end of the hall away from the other cells.

He was laying on the cot with one leg propped up and his eyes closed.

"Time to go, stud.", I said jiggling the keys.

Ty's eyes shot open when he heard my voice. When he saw me he dashed up and ran to the bars.

" I'm so sorry. I didn't mean too. I know that no excuse and I know you probably hate me.", he apologized desperately grippingthe iron bars.

I smiled as he continued to rumble one apologized after another.

"Ty it's fine. I know it wasn't your fault."

"No. It's not fine. I hurt you. I promised to protect you and I hurt you. You should hate me.", he lamented and dropped his head against the cell bars.

I reached through the bars and held his face in my hands making him looked back up at me.

"I don't hate you and I never will."

He was silent as he placed his hands on mine. He sighed deep while he took my hand and kissed the top of it.

"Let's get out of here.", I smiled.

He smiled back sadly and nodded. I unlocked the door after a minute of trying different keys. I finally found the right one. As soon as the door was open Ty embraced him in a quick hug before we make our way back to the front room without any trouble.

When we were at the front desk we found Maria sitting in the desk chair with an unconscious police officer on the ground next to her.

"Took you long enough."

She got up and walked out to the car. Ty looked to the unconscious man on the floor and looked impressed. We followed after her and hopped in the car. Me in the passengers seat and Ty in the back.

Maria gunned it out of town before anyone knew Ty was gone.

I called Athena and we met up outside the city with the others. Maria and I exchanged our goodbyes before she regretfully drove away. The others looked exhausted and Jason looked liked he'd been hit by a truck.

If that truck's name was Ty.

His face had various cuts throughout it. His broken nose had been bandaged, at the hospital, but it was still bloody.

"Now what?", Roy asked to no one in particular.

" I think I got an idea.", I announced pulling out the paper maria gave me.

"What that?", Ty asked.

I handed it to him and then answer.

"Krya's Library."

"How did you get this? Its location has been lost long before a was born."


"That women scares me."

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