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I was right. The days passed by in a blur.

I'd just showered and changed into a t-shirt dress, slipping on socks, now making my way towards the kitchen.

It was empty, surprisingly. I opened the fridge, searching for something I could make a salad of. Finding fruits and veggies, gathering them and placing them on the cutting board, my eye caught something—

A white slip of paper— an immediate let away that Bane had either gone on an individual run, or had taken Loki with him. And based on the lack of barking or greeting that I received, I'd say the two went out together.

Busying myself  with cutting up the ingredients, I let my mind wander.

Orientation had come and gone. The guys and I had toured around campus, met with some of our professors briefly, and encountered several other people.

Bane got a lot of attention, no surprise there. Then again, so did Grey and Ado— and not to be narcissistic, but I did too.

The Law school was stunning, composed of modern and antique architecture, a clash of everything Toronto was and is.

Think of it as the heart of Ontario, and within that heart, another. That's what the Law school felt like. It's formal name is the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

I have several lectures with Bane and Adonis, but a few with Grey. Bane and Ado are focussing on criminal law, and that's a partial side of my focus. Grey however is focussing on administrative and corporate law, the latter being the other part of my focus.

I majored in business, minored in psychology, so rather than opting for one or the other, seeing as I enjoyed both equally, I chose to focus on both. Convenient isn't it.

The first day is tomor— "Ow!" I voiced out, having felt a sharp stinging pain on my thumb.

The sight of blood dribbling down my thumb successfully distracted me from my thoughts. The pain was numbing, or maybe that was because of the amount of blood that had already escaped.

Bringing my injured thumb up, I cradled it with my other hand, so the blood wouldn't get on the floor as I quickly moved towards the sink.

There was a lot of blood.

And, just like any other time God chooses to bring forth my untimely demise, he ensures that there's a spectator— specifically Bane.

The door unlocking, Loki's barks, and the heavy footsteps, were a clear sign that big guy up there was not doing me favours anytime soon.

Sighing to myself, I held my hand over the sink, waiting to let them find me.

And— Loki bounded towards me; barrelling into my legs, half attempting to climb me, and half attempting to eat my face. Chuckling, I used my good hand to scratch his head, mumbling a greeting in the baby voice I use just for him.

I lifted my head as I heard a throat clearing, catching sight of Banes amused smirk. He was leaning against the counter casually, sporting a sweatshirt and nike track pants.

I hummed in greeting, to which he rose his eyebrows. Rolling my eyes, I greeted verbally.


"Hey—" His eyes did a quick scan of me, landing momentarily on my injured hand, only to move on.

Huh, I thought he'd make a big dea—

"Alura!" He exclaimed.

Okay so it just took him a moment to register what he'd seen.

"Bane!" I mocked cheerily, wincing right after when my hand jerked slightly. Karma really was a fast bitch.

Bane was faster apparently, he reached me in two long strides, worry coating his face; eyes frantic.

"That's a lot of blood, holy hell what the fuck did you do this time Lure." He scolded.

"I just— I mean I was thinking... but I was also cutting some fruits and then... I don't know how, I was careful— just not enough?"

The worry remained in his eyes, while the rest of his face contorted in anger.

"You can't be this careless sweetness— no more cutting for you— actually, no more kitchen for you. Every time I've left you here alone, I've come back to find you injured."

"Hey! It's not me or the kitchen, it was the knife. Blame it. Or the stubborn veggies..." I trailed off, his expression making me feel like a little kid again.

Sighing, I accepted, "Fine, I'll stay away from the kitchen," I paused, watching a content expression don his face, "But— only when no one's home."

He thought about it for a moment, before nodding in agreement.


I straightened my slumped form, happy he was agreeing, and lightly nudged my hand against the edge of the sink.

I bit out a harsh gasp, shutting my eyes tightly, and biting down on my lip. Fuck. That hurt like a bitch and a half.

Bane came closer, leaning over me to turn on the tap, releasing lukewarm water. He gently took hold of my hand, guiding it under the steady water.

It stung at first, but dulled down afterwards. Sighing in relief I let go of my lip. I tasted something akin to copper.

Bane looked at me, stifling a laugh, and reached out. His rough thumb brushed over my lower lip, wiping it off, and showing me the red stain left on it in amusement.

"So one part stops bleeding just as another starts?"

I was going to rebuff him with some bullshit excuse of lipstick, but he beat me to it.

"Oh fuck off, you don't wear any lip colours so don't try that."

I smirked, he knew me a little too well.

"Stay put, I'm gonna grab some gauze from my room to wrap up your thumb."

I waited for a minute, until he came back, holding gauze, some fighting tape, and a bottle of something.

"Bane." He looked up, "Do you want me to sit on a stool or—"

I was cut off by his large hands grasping my waist, lifting me onto the counter top in one swift motion. Smiling crookedly at me, he got to work, cleaning my thumb, wrapping it and securing his work.

As he finished his procedure, the front door could be heard opening, Greys signature greeting resonating through the place, and Adonis's laugh following.

Bane made a move to help me down, but I hopped off the counter instead, walking towards the living room. I didn't bother turning to look at him, knowing he'd be displeased.

The four of us gathered on the couches, if you count Loki, then five, and it felt like déjà vu. Only this time, Ado and I had put up the gaming system and we were versing one another in teams of two.

Mario kart, the destroyer of all friendships. 

Tomorrow was the first day, and I had two lectures scheduled— but for now, I chose to enjoy my downtime.

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