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"hey ollie!" the blonde girl called from the kitchen, her hand gripping the freezer door, face full of sadness at the lack of ice cream in their apartment.

her best friend poked his head out from his room, his long brown hair dripping from the shower he had just taken.

"you called?"

she just smiled and shook her head at him, what a weirdo.

"we're out of ice cream, i'm gonna walk to the store really quick."

his face was no longer in a smile, a concerned frown now replaced what was once a goofy grin.

"it's almost 10:00, delilah. can't you just wait until tomorrow?" oliver began, running a hand through his hair, "why?" she counteracted, never understanding why he was so worried about her.

"it's just not really safe right now, with creepers out on the street. what if you get kidnapped?"

delilah merely rolled her eyes at him, twisting her hands around until a ball of yellow light formed between her palms.

the light reflected off the sparkles on the couch pillows, small lights dancing across the apartment's yellow walls.

"i think i'll be fine." she laughed, grabbing her purse and phone. "just be extra careful."

"do you need anything, ollie?" delilah asked, opening the door but kept her body in the apartment.

"a boyfriend would be nice."

they both cracked up, "i'll do my best."

when the everly girl left the apartment she was met with the cold nip of wind that seemed to almost slap her across the face the minute she stepped outside. luckily, the mini-mart, where she went to purchase an array of odd products that her and oliver would need, was only a few blocks away. unluckily, she had to pass at least 2 bars and one night club to get there, if she wanted to get there quickly.

weird people roamed the streets at night, there was no two ways about it. so delilah was faced with a decision, she could either take the longer route and avoid possible death and danger. or, she could take the shorter route and just have to personally handle anyone who tried to harm her.

handle, however, was a broad term. delilah had either been blessed or cursed, she wasn't quite sure what to call it. her father said she was gifted, but that wasn't exactly what she would call her powers.

they were powers, she was given powers, she was powerful, and that seemed to be the best way to put it. she didn't remember her life before them, she couldn't remember a time when light didn't pour out of her fingertips and burn whatever she directed it to. oliver called her his personal sun, her dad called her sunflower, and the people she saved called her an angel.

delilah didn't like bullies, she coined them cowards and low lives with no other reason to live except to hurt people, they didn't matter.

but bullies weren't just in school, they plagued the world like rats during the middle ages. but once she moved to new york, she noticed a different type of bullies. men that targeted women for their own pleasure. she saw it on the street when he grabbed her in a way delilah knew she didn't want to be held, and then whispered things she knew that girl didn't want to hear. delilah spent weeks wishing that she would've said something to someone or maybe stood up for the girl that was blatantly being assaulted. but she didn't, she just assumed that the victim would stand up for herself and have the confidence to report. but a month passed and she saw the same man do it to someone else and she realized that nobody had done anything to stop him.

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