Before We Begin

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This story is completely my story and idea. Nothing about this is stolen from anyone. All of this is written by me.

This is the first book of the "Mate" series. There are two books so far. Each one is a stand-alone so this book won't be related to the second book!

⚠️ There will he profanity and mature scenes in this ⚠️

And now that that has been said, let the story begin.
When we are young we are taught that mates are supposed to take care of you, love you, support you, be there for you when you need them and so much more. I thought when I found my mate I thought that he would want me as his. But everything I learned about mates was thrown out the window when I met mine.

"You're not fit to my future Luna," he snarled at me. I flinch back against the wall trying not to let the tears fall.

"I Terry Moore reject you, Sophia Moretti, as my mate and future Luna," he says each word piercing my heart.
This story is poorly written, has plot holes, and grammar mistakes. Pls forgive me I will be rewriting this story eventually just not now.


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