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Damien called me and told me to be ready by 8pm for dinner and a surprise I'm so excited. My daddy left yesterday morning so I haven't seen Damien all week because he been busy with my daddy. I miss him so much I've been lonely but tonight he making up for it. We still haven't had sex yet but I'm hoping tonight goes well because I'm ready! He sent me shopping earlier today and told me to wear a dress and heels and got my hair and nails done so now I'm all ready.

My phone started ringing I smiled it was my baby

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My phone started ringing I smiled it was my baby.

"Wassup beautiful" he said thru the phone.

"Hi baby" I said back.

"I'm outside lets go beautiful". I ran down stairs to the front door and grabbed my purse and left. I seen a black limo and him standing with the door open he was so fucking fine it's like god took his time to make him. I walked up to him and kissed him and we got inside the limo.

"Where are we going baby!" I asked

"It's a surprise."he said I whine and pouted but that didn't work for him to tell me. After about 30 mins of driving in the limo we came to a stop and it was at the air port I looked at him he just smiled.

"Why are we at the airport baby?" He didn't answer he just got out and held my hand to help me get out and we walked to a private jet. I looked at him confused like what the fuck is going on! My birthday is 4 months away still I'm lost.

"Babe where are we going and why are we in this jet?"

"It's a surprise beautiful" he said before he kissed me he was irritating me with this surprise shit. We got on the plane and it was rose pedals all over and champagne at the table with food. I hugged him and kissed him lately he been surprising me a lot but this was the best so far.

"Awe babe this is nice what's all this for? I asked after I kissed him some more.

"I just wanted to show you how sorry I am and how much I love you" He said to me. My eyes were so watery I had to pat them dry with some tissue I wasn't ruining my makeup took me 2 hours.

"I love you too baby " I said back.

He hugged me and kissed me and picked me up I wrapped my legs around him and he walked towards the room without breaking the kiss. I was already drinking earlier before we left he doesn't know though. He been drinking henny and smoked 2 blunts in the limo on the way here so I know he horny as hell right now the way he kissing me.

"Babe we just got on the plane" I said to him and he threw me on the bed. I giggled cause the way he look at me had me soaking wet already. He so fucking fine it's ridiculous I don't even know why I waited this long but tonight I'm getting some. I'm not a virgin but I never had sex with a grown man before but I want him so bad. He crawl in between my legs and kept kissing me and then kissed my neck and unzipped my dressed.

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