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"Baby ion think you need to eat all that food" I told her she had me get her 10 piece chicken with a large macaroni and cheese and large mash potato extra gravy and fries and 6 biscuits. She ate damn near everything except 4 pieces of chicken like what the fuck she didn't even share with me. She probably high is hell because she just had me bring her pizza 3 hours ago she called me crying for sausage pizza so I had it delivered to her she ate the whole fucking pie.

"Why not babe I was hungry?" she said stuffing her face.

"Okay but you ate a lot what the fuck your smoking that you got you having these kind of munchies?" She laughed.

"Just the weed you gave my baby why?"

"Because your eating to much and you gaining weight eating that much slow down girl" I noticed her ass got thick ass hell she gain at least 10 pounds no joke her breast is like 2 sizes bigger and her hips spread alot and her stomach has a bump now. I had to help her in her jeans yesterday and they still ain't fit she wore a dress.

"Whatever I'm not gaining weight maybe a couple pounds but it went to all the right places like this big ass I got" she twerked and winked at me. I laughed

"Girl come get your ass in this bed" she giggled.

"You not getting none tonight cause you called me fat baby" I was laughing hard as hell.

"Baby girl I ain't call you fat and I owned this body girl you couldn't resist if you wanted too" I hovered over her and kissed her neck and breast.

"Baby stop I'm to stuffed."

"See I told you to stop eating so much."

"Shut up I'm tired anyway baby dang." She lying like hell she too full to do anything.

"You lucky I'm tired as hell from handling business today come lay on me girl". She climbed on top of me and fell asleep within minutes. I was right behind her.

I jumped off of Damien and ran to the bathroom covering my mouth I almost didn't make it to the toilet. I threw up and couldn't stop for about 5 minutes all that fucking food I ate I probably over ate or the food was bad or something. Damien came in after me while I was brushing my teeth.

"Damn girl what the fuck you woke me up jumping off me."

"Sorry babe I don't feel well I had to throw up I think that food was bad baby."

"I told your ass stop eating so much and you kept eating you probably over ate all that fucking food" I couldn't even answer back I rushed to the toilet and threw up again he came and rubbed my back.

"Baby I'm so sick I can't stop." I told him in between my cries, after throwing up 3 more times I brushed my teeth again and went to lay down. "I feel so sick baby my stomach hurt"

"Just come lay down and relax I'll make you some tea" I laid down and waited for my tea it was 5 in the morning if I throw up again i'm going to the doctors cause that food probably made me sick like this.

"Baby girl I told you to stop eating so much it's gonna make you sick" I told her while I brought her some tea.

"I know baby but I be hungry I think that food was bad because I usually don't throw up if I throw up again I'm going to the doctors baby"

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