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the unnamed man lay on the sidewalk like an animal that had been hit by a moving car and was lazily dragged to the side of the road, just so passerby's would be forced to see and smell the rotting body. this man, however, had been on the receiving end of a horrible blast of ultraviolet rays, the sun that poured from the hands of delilah everly had fatefully tarnished his skin. in the eyes of anyone with two eyes, sorry thor, he looked exactly like a raisin at the bottom of the box.

delilah, however, was an utter and complete mess. she had never felt more remorse in her life, tears pooled in her eyes and spilled over her cheeks as she was face to face with the body of a dead man; a man she had killed herself.

the girl that delilah tried to save had run away when the blast ended, she was scared for her life for a whole different reason. the angel of light had suddenly transformed to an angel of death and it was terrifying.

steve and bucky were laying on the concrete, alive and conscious but struggling to comprehend what had happened. the boast had sent them flying backwards, they somehow managed to cover their heads before they smacked the pavement of the street.

delilah's hands were the only thing she looked at. if she could cut them off right in that moment she would. her entire body was shaking while she struggled to not look at the body that lay in front of her. for a second she debated just leaving, no one would know it was her and she doubted the people that had seen the entire thing would snitch. but then her eyes locked on the security camera attached to the store, it's lens looking out over the street; it had seen everything.

"shit." she mumbled, turning around and wishing she was anywhere but here, on this street, at this hour.

"delilah," steve stops from the rubble, the state of the broken girl did nothing but remind him of wanda after laos and it broke his heart. "get away from me!"

her voice was high and cracked when she yelled, tears streamed down her face and she held her hands close to her body and shook like a scared animal.

"don't even think about it!" she shouted into what was once a quiet night, "it's okay, i can help you!" he tried to assure her but it did nothing but put her more on edge.

"steve, please, i can't hurt anybody else. i can't kill anyone else. just leave, please."

delilah struggled to make eye contact with the blonde senior citizen in front of her, she was afraid to lose control and hurt him too. it was like he could control her, with the work of his mind it was almost like he could will her eyes to meet hers. almost, her eyes had been brought from the ground but never met his.

eventually, she let them look at each other, she wanted to run to him because the only thing she wanted was a hug, and she did run. but she ran the other way, all the way back to her apartment to see oliver again and discuss a plan for her escape.

casting steve and bucky one more tear filled glance, delilah sprinted down the middle of the street, unfazed by the cars that had to beep and swerve to avoid hitting her.

as she ran away steve pulled out his phone, dialing thunderbolt ross as quickly as he could.

bucky interrupted him as he pressed the flip phone to his ear, being careful not to break it this time.

"steve, you can't actually call him. you're supposed to be against this stuff!"

the man with a plan just swatted bucky away when he tried to grab the phone from him.

"if they go out and get her, if we're not too late, i get to see her again, stupid." it all finally clicked for the former assassin as he smiled again, "nice one!"

"captain rogers," the brisk voice cut through the phone, surprising steve who was primarily used to thunderbolt yelling at him, "always nice to hear from you."

it was now that steve was really regretting his call, but he had to continue the conversation to avoid being rude.

"thank you, unless that was sarcasm."

"is something wrong, captain? you seem uneasy."

if he could nod through the phone he would, but nokia's don't let you do that.

"there was this girl and she was nice and talking to us on the street, but then she went to go help a girl being hit on by some creeper. and then the creeper grabbed her, and she got really mad. so then she killed him, like he's dead right now."

"rogers, what the fuck? why would you call me? call the police, you absolute fool!"

if he could calm someone through a nokia he would do that too, but these phones from the early 2000's lack the technology.

"no, no," he assured the now riled up official, "she wasn't trying to-"

"that's called homicide."

"yes it is, thank you. but that's not my point."

"well, you better get to your point before i shove this damn phone where the sun don't shine."

"she's a meta-human of some sort, there was this light from her hands and she was like floating, and then it all exploded and the ground cracked."

he could hear the exasperated sigh escape the lips of mr. ross, "name? hair color? eye color? height?"

"delilah, blonde, blue, around maybe like 5'3, she wasn't that tall."

the line went dead, meaning the older man was working on finding her and bringing her in.

"i can't believe you actually did that!"

steve just shook his head at his friend, "i know, i'm going to hell."

bucky just rolled his eyes at the clearly more over dramatic friend, "you expressed interest in a girl that wasn't oddly forced by her aunt!"

"bucky, that's kind of rude."

"i don't care. sharon made the chair flashbacks seem less painful."

"oh my god, bucky! you can't say that!"

the brunette just scoffed as the men continued to run down the street, "i'm a surviver! i can say whatever the fuck i want."

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