Chapter 13

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The kingdom of Aethiopia was a kingdom was shrouded in awe and mystery. All people of her kind were seen as otherworldly, and Imani felt the same way towards Greeks. Their architecture was impressive, but their minds contrasted Aethiopians the same way as night and day.

"The only thing humiliating is helplessness. Peace is the fruit of activity, not sleep."

Twin tail braids swung slightly against the wind. The bun at the end of her head was tied together by a crimson-colored tulip, courtesy of her formal betrothed. The purple scarf around her neck could be used as a bandanna, but she never liked wrapping it around her head. It covered her stylized hairdo. The headwrap oftentimes made her head seem slightly egg-shaped, and that part of her Pharaoh lineage was something she wanted to be humble about.

"For every joy, there is a price to be paid."

Her own complexion matched the night. A Greek scholar had once called her 'moon girl,' for her ability to blend into the darkness. She liked the title. There was a sense of serenity that came from the moon. A calmness and peace which she wished to emulate.

"Your home is not on the earth, but in the light."

Imani was tall for her age. Maybe she'd stopped growing. Thirteen, she could be mistaken as an adult woman. Her body was stickily which also gave off the impression that she was taller than she actually was.

Her tunic was white. Wrapped around her torso and hips like a regular Greek tunic would, but there was also something distinctly Egyptian to it. The shine from her golden bracelets and necklaces showed how high class she was. But the colorful bead earrings and tint golden face tattoos also presented how uniquely foreign she was.

It added mystery to her body, making her the center of attention in whatever she went.

"Altruism is the mark of a superior being."

Her eyes were shut while she walked in a meditative-like trance. The emerald in her hands lit the way. It was brightly green. A hexagon shape with a dancing light inside. The dimness pointed forward, with a center glow pressing against its edge like water trying to leap out of a glass case.

She didn't know where it was taking her, she only knew she had to trust it. Bare feet touched the lush grass, her heartbeat came out in calm soft breaths. She whispered in a low tone as she repeated proverbs she'd known her whole life.

"Our senses serve to affirm, not to know. Always-"

A boy sprinted into her. In an instance she jolted out of her trance. She fell back onto the ground like a rock had hit into her. She crinkled her nose after falling. "Badamin, mind your path! Greeks are supposed to be eloquent."

"Run," the boy panted whiles staring back at her. "There are monsters back there."

Imani tilted her head at him. He was shorter than her. Blonde haired and ocean blue eyes. His body and voice shook with dread.

"Run from where?" Imani asked. She was confident in her Greek tongue despite carrying a thick accent. She pointed behind them, "run from there?"

"Yes," he said panicked. "Creatures, there are omens in those hills."

Imani stood up and brushed the dirt off of her feet. She looked over at the hilltop he ran away from, and pointed her crystal towards it. The light in the emerald shifted towards it. She could deduce what he was running from. Imani looked back at him, "how many monsters did you see?"

He swallowed. Imani raised an eyebrow after he backed away from her. He fell back to the ground as though she were a monster. Pointing behind her, Imani looked over to see a white-haired teenager staring at the both of them.

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