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I groan in exhaustion as I finally hammer the last peg into the ground.

"I'm going swimming," Leo announces, he's in his bathing suit.

"Yes you must be so sweaty from all the work you didn't do," I say.

"I know. Very difficult work."

"Both of you shut up, I did most of the work and it's not even my tent," Liv says.

"How about all of you shut up. It's a tent and it took you barely five minutes," Mia shouts from the trailer. "We're eating soon anyway."

Leo walks into the trailer and I can hear his muffled voice asking about alcohol.

"Ugh this kid is slow," Liv groans at her phone.


"Yes, Aleks."

"Speaking of, what exactly are you two?"

"I'm not sure." Liv shrugs before walking in the trailer.

Good conversation.

For a bit, while there is light, I help Mia make sandwiches for dinner. We all eat and chat as it gets dark.

Eventually it's pitch black and all we have are flashlights and batter powered lights to keep the area lit. Aleks comes when we finish eating.

"Let's go Pollock," Leo says as with a smug grin and a bottle in hand.

"Call me that again Medero I swear."

"I will, Pollock." He walks past me, and swings a towel over his shoulder.

"You're such an—"

"Annoying prick. I know you remind me daily."

I jog to catch up with him, leaving the others behind.

He hands me the bottle and laughs a bit.

The path is pitch black and we both laugh and take swigs of the bottle as we walk. I attempt to use an old flashlight but it flickers on and off.

Once we get to the pond, or whatever the hell it is, the flashlight gives out and the only way I can find Leo is the sound of him jumping in the water.

I drop the flashlight and jump in the water.

I don't move around much because I'm not a big fan of being in a pitch black forest with animals and not being able to see.

"Marco," Leo says in the distance.


"Marco." His voice is closer.

"Polo," I stay in the same spot waiting for him to find me.

"Marco," he says quieter because he knows he's right next to me.

He puts his arm on my shoulder to show that he's found me and really quietly I whisper, "polo."

I can tell his face is somewhere near mine but my attention is ripped a way when I hear footsteps and Liv's yelling.

"Cannon ball!" I feel a splash of water of my face before I notice Leo's gone again.

My eyes have adjusted to the dark but I can't see anything but the outlines of things.

"Liv!" I hear Aleks. "Where the fuck are you?"

She giggles somewhere to my left.

"Come find me," she says in a flirty tone and I snort.

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