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back in new york, they avengers were constantly monitoring delilah and where she was, just to make sure she didn't do anything else before they brought her in.

"are you sure this is her, rogers?" tony asked, turning from where he sat while he was watching the screens, watching delilah going out and riding a horse, "she looks relatively harmless."

steve just sighed, she's cute, he thought as he watched her pet the horse and smile brightly at it.

"look, i never said she was a mass murderer, she just has powers, i'm telling you."

sam shrugged, "seems like the boy who called witch to me."

"bucky saw it!" steve shouted, trying to make an argument for himself.

despite bucky's nodding, tony just waved him off.

"bucky will agree with you no matter what, therefore what he says is invalid."

"that's racist."

sam rolled his eyes and got up to leave, "it just isn't racist. you're both white bread-"

"and you're pumpernickel because it's weird and gross and nobody likes it."

with tony's snide remarks sam simply had to leave, there was no coming back from that one, his career had been ended.

"oh my god!" bucky pointed at the screen and caused heads to turn, people who thought that she was demonstrating her powers were a bit disappointed, "she's singing and dancing to a taylor swift song."

"how do you know taylor swift?" tony asked, less concerned with the girl and more concerned with bucky, "she's a pop icon, anthony, that's how i know her."

steve's eyes didn't leave the screen, the super soldier was somehow mesmerized by the dancing girl that the cameras had shown her. it was all fine until a man that seemed to be around her age wandered in and started dancing with her. something panged in his chest, a feeling he wasn't overly familiar with, jealousy?

"who's the man?" he asked eagerly, pointing to the shaggy haired boy that was dancing with delilah on the screen.

quickly, tony ran the facial recognition and was met with lots of information.

"oliver winston, age: 24, based on his social media feeds he's either delilah's best friend or boyfriend. oh, oh, hold on! social media has confirmed his gayness, we can get you a boyfriend, bucky!"

the oldest brunette nearly snarled at iron man, not willing to share anything about his sexuality, "i suggest you keep your mouth shut unless you want a mental arm where a metal arm doesn't belong, jackass."

the best tony could do was stick out his tongue, but steve, being the most mature, payed them no mind.

it was at that moment he had to slap tony and bucky to get them to stop being idiots, they were growing to be wildly annoying.

"she's doing it!" he yelled, right as she began conjuring a ball of light from her hand and began lighting candles in the house using only her finger tips.

"guess we'll have to check it out, but tomorrow."

"what?" steve wanted to go now, that much was blatantly obvious, "we can't go tomorrow, we have to go now!"

tony smacked his hand down in the marble desk, growing slightly aggravated with the star-spangled man, "she's lighting candles right now, rogers, i don't think anyone is in grave danger."


"but what if you just take a nap, captain, you seem rather cranky."

steve just left, he was pretty much just over it. bucky followed but didn't say anything, the two split when they went into their separate rooms.

the blonde 100 year old man just sat on his bed but didn't fall back to sleep, turn on the tv, or grab a book to read. he just lay there, staring at the ceiling and letting the vision of delilah dancing fly through his head, he had no intention to push it out of his brain, he liked it there. but he knew it was weird, how he felt for the girl he had barely met, the girl he had only spoken a few words to, the girl he was going to have to arrest and imprison, the girl that would never be his.

outside of newark, delilah and oliver were enjoying the spring weather, laying out in the grass, on a blanket, admiring the stars.

"sometimes i wonder why we moved to new york." oliver spoke, his eyes never leaving from the stars that danced above his head.

"you know why," delilah smiled, "we both wanted something new and i don't think we wanted to live with my dad forever."

oliver tried not to act like he knew anything when delilah would mention her powers or her "father", but even he knew he wasn't exactly the most skillful liar.

"wanna see something i learned to do?" delilah asked, a giddy smile tugging on her lips when she was able to show off something.

the boy just nodded, nervous to see if she was going to explode or something, just because he never knew with delilah.

her smile only grew. she reached towards the sky and tugged for a bit, her fingers twisting while her hands moved back and forth. after some grunting and some hard pulls she was able to pull a giant mass of light to her chest, where she held it and admired it.

instantly, oliver jumped up and ran away from her, fearing for his own safety.

"delilah, did you just pull a star out of the sky?"

delilah just nodded and stood up, holding the star as if it was her light baby, she was very proud of it.

"well, put it back! god doesn't like it when you steal from him."

easily, she thrusted it back up into the sky where it belonged, instantly finding the same spot it was in before she pulled it down.

delilah didn't know that steve was back in the camera room, watching her grab the star from the sky as if it was picking a pebble up from the ground. she just looked at it, admiring the beauty, and then put it back like it was light work.

tomorrow will be interesting, he thought.

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