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at six am, tony and steve suited up to go take delilah in. steve couldn't help but feel bad for what he did, he knew that there was no way she would get away with what she did. whether she planned to or not, she did kill someone. he just felt guilty for being the one to turn her in, but he decided he was done pretending to be on the wrong side of the law; it was part of the deal with tony and he always remained true to his word.

despite it being a pretty normal time in the compound, not a single soul was awake except steve and tony as they began getting themselves ready.

tony wasn't too worried, if she tried fighting he would just shoot a little electricity her way, a powerful taser. sometimes he forgot that she could control light, it was one of those times. he also had no idea that she just easily pulled a star from the sky like a child picking a blueberry the night before.

steve, however, had seen her power in person and was a little scared. despite witnessing the murder she committed, he had spoken with her too and knew she wasn't a bad person and when it came down to it, she wouldn't disobey him or tony. even though a small part of him wanted to see her throw it down with tony, just to knock his ego down a few pegs.

both men took their time boarding the quinn jet and taking off.

"do you think she's gonna fight back?" tony asked from where he sat in the cockpit with all the controls, "doubt it," steve shrugged, "she's a real nice girl."

"i bet she is." he winked at him in a suggestive way that steve couldn't seem to comprehend.

"what's that supposed to mean, stark?"

the genius simply chuckled to himself, "oh nothing, old man. just try not to get distracted."

the super solider just rolled his eyes and readied himself for the upcoming mission.

delilah had barely woken up, she was downstairs sipping on a rather milky cup of coffee she knew that her father had prepared for her. she knew it was his because he always thought she was too young for that much caffeine, so when he could, he milked her coffee.

she stood staring out the large window into the fields where her horses roamed, oliver must've woken up earlier and taken them out for her. suddenly the wind began to blow quicker and quicker, blasting the grass in the field side to side crazily. standing there in her pajama pants and sports bra, delilah was wildly confused.

that was until she saw the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist land in her backyard. he was obviously confused by the horses that instantly ran up to greet him, this was not what he signed up for.

a heavy knock pounded at the old wooden door and delilah knew they had come for her, she had two choices:

a) give in, surrender to the avengers, and follow through with whatever consequences they gave her. despite the fact that the consequences could be death or a lifetime in high security prison.


b) fight back, give them hell, and continue to live the rest of her life in hiding. even though it would make it extremely hard for her and oliver to have boyfriends and share a beach house like they had planned before.

eventually, on her trip to the door, she decided on a mixture of both options. she would eventually give in, not hit them with everything she had, but she would fight for a bit, just to show them who they were messing with.

reluctantly, she unlocked the deadbolt and opened the door to reveal a smiling captain america. the man she met on the street the tragic day of the accident, the man she blasted into the ground, the man she yelled at, even though she thought he was cute.

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