xii. not a date

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"This was a bad idea," I mumbled out in Jack's ear, clutching onto his arm that was looped with mine.

Taking a look around the banquet hall we were in, I took a deep breath. It was golden and white. A huge chandelier hung from the ceiling in the centre where Jack was leading me to. People looked fabulous, royal and held a sort of power to themselves. I felt stupid...and really fucking poor.

"No," Jack let out a chuckle under his breath,"Don't say that, Bex."

Dressed in a simple black gown, I looked miserable and trashy compared to the other women in this room who were in intricately designed clothes that were probably more expensive than my entire apartment.

"I feel so...out of place," I honestly said as a woman's eyes traveled down my body, judging me. 

A scornful look sat on her face as she saw my arm wrapped in Jack's. Apparently, every single woman in this room wanted Jack to be their suitor and I was the witch who was by his side. As soon as I had entered the hall, I had heard snickers come at me from all directions, ridiculing me.

"Relax," His blue eyes ran over my face, a smirk forming on his lips,"You look lovely."

"Thanks," My cheeks flushed in response and I felt silly at my body's reaction. I never blushed...except when I was with Nath– nevermind.

What was wrong with me? Why was I even thinking about that green eyed sexy ass of a man?

"Jack," A woman's shrill voice reached our ears,"Is that you?"My eyes found the pudgy woman. She was shorter than even I was. How shocking. Her red hair fell around her shoulders in waves and she had a wide smile set on her warm face. Her blue eyes, similar to Jack's glinted at seeing him.

"Aunt Jenna," He acknowledged her presence,"It is lovely to see you."

"Of course. Always a pleasure, Jack. You are my favorite nephew," She laughed, looking from him to me, her eyes suddenly narrowing as she looked me over, judging me,"Who is this?"

"This is Rebecca Miller," Jack looked between me and his aunt, smiling from ear to ear,"She is my girlfriend."

"Oh?" Jenna let out, her eyes doing a once over of me once again while a gasp escaped me and my jaw awkwardly dropped at his words.

"What?" I incredulously asked and he laced our fingers together, squeezing my hand tightly. His eyes met mine and screamed at me to just go with the flow.

"I have been meaning to introduce Rebecca to you for so long," Jack added while the woman looked at me like I had walked into the bloody party with a trash bag on.

"Hi..." I awkwardly muttered out and mentally facepalmed myself. My hands suddenly got sweaty and I got embarrassed thinking that Jack could feel it.A smile faker than Kylie Jenner's lips formed on her face and she quickly looked away from me.

 "I didn't know you were dating again, Jack. If only I knew, I could have set you up with princess Sienna. Remember her? You both met a couple of times when you were younger. She has matured into a young, beautiful and wise lady and is absolutely perfect to be your bride. You two will look lovely together."

"Aunt Jenna. Let's not do this again," Jack groaned out, shaking his head. His hand tightened around mine,"I have no interest in getting married right now."

"You don't?" She raised a challenging eyebrow at him, her eyes skipping over to me for a second,"Last time we met, you told me that you didn't want to date anyone."

"But then I met Becca, Aunt Jenna..." He smiled towards me once again, pulling me closer to his side,"I realized that I could still fall in love. Rebecca showed me what love was once again..." I awkwardly smiled at his words, having an internal battle within myself. 

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