Twenty Two

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I woke up to the smell of bacon, and thereby a smile on my face.

Twisting around to get up, I stopped abruptly— I don't remember making it to my room last night. Shaking my head, I blamed my lack of recollection on the drinks and sleep deprivation.

I hopped off my bed, taking off my clothes while walking towards the washroom. As I got in, I called out for Bane to stay out.

I showered quickly, making my way to my closet, throwing on black jeans shorts, a quarter zip UFG sweatshirt, and socks.

I ran a comb through my long damp hair, which appeared off-white-grey-ish when wet. The conditioner made it easy to swipe the comb through a couple times. I walked out of my room and towards the kitchen, following the smell of bacon.

The kitchen was busy, with Maggie laying down on the whole counter ledge, Grey grumbling about having gotten no sleep, Jas making breakfast— bacon and eggs— and Bane and Adonis discussing something while one brew coffee.

"Morning!" I called out, receiving a chorus of replies.

At my call Loki trotted into the kitchen, barking a few times and followed by a whine— he wanted food.

I poured him some in his dish, getting up and washing my hands off. I checked the time on my phone, reading 8:47am, which gave me roughly 25 minutes to eat and force Ado and Bane to get ready.

"Jas, did you come across any pancake mix? I can make pancakes quickly."

"Right, the only thing you can make." Ado replied.

He grinned, pointing at the cabinet behind me, "There's some in there, Aunty J if I recall correctly."

Jas nodded, "Yeah Lura, there was some in there."

I opened the cabinet, reaching for the mix and placing it on the counter. Manoeuvring around the kitchen, I grabbed the instruments that I needed.

Ten minutes later I had a fat stack of pancakes, having them ready just in time for setting the table with Jas's additions— which was everything else.

Grey pried Maggie away from the counter, setting her on a chair at the table. Jas, Ado, and Bane sat down too. I joined them on the left of Bane, eating our creations.

"Guys go get ready as soon as you're done eating." I said, directing my comment at Bane and Ado.

A couple minutes later they both got up, heading to their rooms. I smiled satisfied, making eye contact with Jasmine who raised a thumbs up at me.

After waiting for what felt like an hour, the two emerged from their rooms, bags slung over their shoulders. In the meantime I had grabbed Banes car keys.

Smirking, I twirled the keys around my middle finger. "I'm driving your car Bane."

The entire way to campus had been filled with Adonis and Bane's over exaggerated high pitches yells.

By the time I'd parked the car and gone inside the building, leaving the other two morons behind, I felt partially insane.

I walked into class, spotting Damien, and making my way over to him.

The noise of my bag dropping onto the desk, followed by me dropping into my chair, got his attention. He looked up abruptly, eyes narrowed, but quickly reverting to a smile to match my own.

"Hey, how ar—"

He started talking but was cut off by Bane and Ado's noisy entrance, followed by Jonah and Sam, and a few feet behind them, Professor Percy.

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