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to much of her obvious dismay, delilah was kept in her personal cell with wheels. she wasn't sure how it was moving, but it followed the steps of everett ross and fell in front of the guards that stalked behind her. they told her it was time for a psychological evaluation, she rolled her eyes and wished she wasn't restrained just so she could have the satisfaction of being able to cross her arms while letting out an exhausted groan.

as the table was placed in front of her and the doctor sat across from her, the glass that surrounded the cell disappeared.

"well thanks," she mumbled, "feels nice to be able to breathe again.

"you could breathe the whole time, everly!" tony snapped from the back of the room where he stood guard incase she acted up.

"how do you know? maybe i was slowly suffocating, not like you cared to ask. rude."

iron man just rolled his eyes, "i'm surrounded by idiots." her head snapped to him, blonde hair swinging from the sudden movement. "if i had access to my hands right now i would flip you off."

"mr. stark," the doctor spoke slowly, he was a bigger but older man with small glasses that stayed perched on his nose, "you're aggravating my patient."

"people these days," delilah prodded, pretending to agree with her bland doctor, "so impolite. i mean what are we gonna do, i'm all for horribly rich people just not having any rights."

he ignored her and opened a notebook, "let's begin. your name is delilah sol everly, born and raised in new jersey, and you've never been to any kind of psychiatric center or anything, right?"

she shook her head to disagree with him, "i had to go to multiple grief counseling sessions when my mom died, i was in high school."

"how did your mother die?" he asked quietly, "if you don't mind me asking."

"ovarian cancer." she confirmed, trying her best not to think about the sorrow that would eventually consume her after speaking about her late mother, her original best friend.

"i'm very sorry for your loss," he's a liar, delilah thought as she shrugged off his half-ass condolences, "have you ever considered self-harm?"

"right now actually, mr. stark over there is really making me want to put a bullet through my head."

the doctor began to start writing but stopped writing halfway through her snide remark and rolled his eyes, "it's important to take this seriously, miss everly, this could be the dividing factor between your freedom or imprisonment."

for what felt like the hundredth time she rolled her eyes, "if they imprison me, i'll break out. you don't have anyone nearly as powerful as me, bring in the hulk, i don't care."

"we could kill you." the doctor offered, but immediately regretted it once he saw the cold look that froze over the eyes of his patient, a sad frown growing across her face as she knew she had to relive one of her lease favorite experiences.

"you can't."

"what do you mean?" stark asked, inserting himself into the conversation as he approached the table.

"you can't kill me, stark." she snapped, the metal that enclosed her hands began to drip she was melting the cuffs they put around her, "i know because i've tried." she once seemed threatening but now just seemed weak and she hated it.

"it was after my mom died and my dad stopped doing anything, i thought it was the only way out. i jumped off the highest bridge i knew and landed on a fucking rock. nothing, just a bruise on my back from where i landed, anybody normal would've died or at least been paralyzed."

furiously, the doctor began to scribble things down in his book. mentally, delilah cursed herself for being so open, the only person she had ever told about her failed attempt was oliver, but he didn't even count as a person, it was more like telling her other half.

"that's all i need," he spoke before getting up from his chair and walking towards the door of the empty room, "thank you for your time, miss everly. it was a pleasure to meet you."

"wish i could say the same."

"oh my god," tony echoed out a dry laugh, "why are you so mean?"

delilah shrugged, as the glass reappeared around where she sat, "i was adopted, so i feel like that has a part in it."

before the two could launch into another destructive conversation, the captain entered the room, he was now wearing a flannel and jeans.

"where's your suit, cap?" delilah asked sweetly.

"why do you care?" he retorted, unsure of why he was being so cruel, but delilah didn't mind, she played back.

"i love a man in uniform." she winked, but the whole flirt thing ended up being way less effective seeing as she was completely restricted.

"moving on," tony cleared his throat and butted back into a conversation that no one wanted him in, "rogers will escort you to your new cell, have fun!" he waved, asshole, delilah thought to herself.

the cell with wheels completely dissolved, "what the fuck?" delilah exclaimed, her little box made absolutely no sense to her.

"swear jar!" steve shouted, as if he was excited about her use of foul language.

"bold of you to assume i have any money. also bold of you to assume that if i did i would give it to you."

the captain just rolled his eyes and grabbed her by the arms and pulled her out the door.

"can you carry me?" she asked, a sickly sweet smile adorning her face, "you can walk." he said, sternly, not in the mood for her games.

instantly, she jerked out of his grasp and and smacked onto the ground and groaned dramatically.

"oh no, captain! both of my legs are broken!"

"delilah, no." he shook his head, and just stood over her and watched as she still stayed on the ground and showed no signs of getting up.

"delilah, yes."

"get up, everly, we don't have time for games."

"i will lay on the ground until you pick me up, rogers. you didn't have a problem carrying me from my home, do it again."

sighing heavily, he gave in a lot quicker than delilah would've expected. which just goes to show what he would do for her, nearly anything she asked, even if it didn't work the first time.

they walked for awhile, steve turning down multiple hallways until they reached the place with multiple cells, they were all empty, he punched in a number code that delilah didn't bother to comprehend before laying her down on the cold metal bed.

"hey mtv, welcome to my prison cell!" she smiled lazily, everything about her face showed how exhausted she was.

just before he was about to leave she called out to him, "hey, steve!"

"yes?" he turned around, a smile gleaming across his perfect colgate smile, nearly making delilah blush.

"when am i getting out?"

steve wished he had an answer, but he really had no idea, the men behind her imprisonment where not the kindest of people, so he didn't think it would be short lived.

"i'm not sure," he tried to be kind but blunt, "it's not up to me."

"i didn't mean to kill him," her voice turned soft and cracked a little as she grew sadder, "you were there, i didn't mean to kill him."

"i know, delilah," he nodded, "i'll make sure they know too. i've been in your shoes before."

"really? your feet seem so big compared to mine?"

"i'm leaving now."

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