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delilah didn't remember falling asleep on the ground of her cell last night, but she imagined it was a little bit after steve left. eventually she got so bored she just drifted off, it happens to the best. she was awoken by a presence near her, someone else was in her cell, she could feel it. however the fear ran deep down her spine and she was afraid to move, maybe whatever was in this cell was sent to kill her, and that didn't seem to scary, knowing it couldn't. but the thought lurked in the back of her mind, maybe they found something strong enough.

deciding to fight her fear, delilah slowly turned around and was face to face with a woman around her age, on her knees, her hands looming around delilah's head. she was very pretty, with light chestnut hair and high cheekbones, but she looked exhausted. delilah could feel whatever she was doing, she wasn't touching her but she could feel the woman's power radiating through her. it took her a minute to realize who it was, this was the scarlett witch, this was wanda maximoff.

"excuse me," delilah waved, breaking wanda's concentration, "yeah! hi, what the hell are you doing?"

she smiled softly, "scouring the deepest parts of your mind and reading your thoughts," she responded, as if she was just braiding her hair or doing something kind and normal, "i was told to check if you have any violent ulterior motives."

"if my hands weren't all blocked off and i wasn't feeling nice, i might've actually tried to kill you, but you seem kind enough to leave alone."

wanda cracked another smile, "thanks, i appreciate it."

delilah moved so that she was sitting and facing the reader of minds, "did you find anything good?"

the expression of the girl turned to one of sympathy and sadness, what she found obviously wasn't the brightest, and delilah couldn't say she was in the least bit surprised.

"you're hurting," she said, reaching out to stroke her hair, "you feel lonely and betrayed."

there was nothing there for delilah to deny, all the feelings were true, every single one. she did feel betrayed, it felt stupid to admit that she felt that steve had betrayed her, but she should've known a man as righteous as him could never be trusted when it came to following or breaking the law. she was a murderer in the eyes of many, and his eyes were no different than the rest.

the cells were not exactly soundproof, steve could hear everything. his heart breaking a little when wanda listed the feelings of the girl he had taken. he was well aware that somethings were his fault, usually most things were. unable to stop himself, the captain punched in the code and entered the cell, nearly scaring the shit out of delilah, who was facing the stone wall, not the glass one.

"ah," delilah smiled lightly at his entrance, she did like steve, even though she would never admit it, "if it isn't the reason for my imprisonment!"

again, he rolled his eyes and ignored most things she said unless they were nice.

"it's looking better for you," he said, trying to fight a smile that was threatening to spread over his cheeks, "i think you would be a great asset to the team."

her smile was genuine and it nearly made steve blush, she was so beautiful to him and he wasn't even sure why, "thank you."

"but, your friend, oliver, he keeps calling the facility phones and leaving patriotic threats for me, and honestly, i'm not sure what to say. he's very creative and flamboyant."

delilah face palmed and rubbed the bridge of her nice, "oh gosh, ollie. i'm so sorry, he's on crack or something, but he's my best friend."

steve just chuckled and sat down on the floor as wanda decided to slip out of the cell to go report delilah's feelings to an official.

"i just put bucky on the phone and they've been talking for like an hour."

"steve," his name sounded so melodious when she said it, every letter dripping sweetly off her tongue like honey, "if i get out, when i get out, will i get to go back home?"

he hated that he had to shake his head, "i'm sorry," he said softly, grabbing her hand and rubbing circles on the back with his thumb, "even after you're free from this cell, you're an avenger. you stay here with us and go on missions with us. it's fun, trust me."

she tried really hard to believe him, but it seemed so hard. knowing she would barely get to see her father or oliver made her a little upset, not even all holidays could she leave. it was difficult to fathom, but she swallowed it like a spoonful of medicine, gingerly.

"any other questions?"  he asked, brushing off his loose sweatpants and getting up to leave, which instantly sent a pang to delilah's heart, please no.

"stay." she said, a little more forward than she wanted to, but she meant what she said.

"what?" steve almost choked on his words, wildly amazed that she had actually asked him to stay with her, it felt good.

"stay," she repeated, not moving from the ground, "i'm lonely and i'm bored, please."

a soft smile formed on his face as he sat back down next to delilah.

"we saw some other videos of you, saving girls on the street, it was pretty remarkable. i don't care what stark or ross say, you're a hero, lilah."

she smiled slightly, but was overcome by an exhausted look, "i've been in that situation before, i'm sure you have too. the streets of new york are not the kindest, especially at night," steve nodded along with her words, "when you have the ability that i do, but the feelings of despair it can get hard. but if i can save the people that need me, it doesn't matter if i can save myself or not, i'd rather save them."

he reached a hand up to swipe away the tears that fell from her eyes and pulled her into his side, a comforting hug she instantly returned.

"hey," he hugged her tighter, "sometimes you can save the others but not yourself, but i'll save you, always."

"i'll save you too, rogers."

both of them were too pleased with how their conversations were going to notice bucky banging at the glass, smushing his nose and face all over it. he exhaled and drew hearts all over the glass just to taunt his friend.

"hey punk!" he screamed through the glass, too oblivious to know that he didn't have to yell for them to hear him, "you're cuddling with a criminal!"

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