Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

“You know you can’t keep ignoring me like that.” Duke said as he rode beside me.

I still didn’t answer him.

“Are you mad?” He asked. Of course I was mad, I didn’t want to be stuck with you for 3 days and you stole my first kiss. Though ... No Winter get that out of your head.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“What?” I replied. He sighed.

“I’m sorry for kissing you ok.” He muttered before riding ahead of me on his black horse named Dark.

“How said that was the reason I’m not talking to you.” I muttered.

He quickly looks at me.

“So you liked it?” He asked.

“No.” I said.

“What did you say I can’t hear you?” He said.

“I said no!” I said.

“Well at least you are talking now.” He said.

I started mumbling to myself as he look behind to check if we were being followed but knowing Elder Bertha, I won’t be surprise if we were followed by 20 soldiers because of the encounter she saw between Duke and ….

“What’s your horse’s name?” I asked.

“Dark.” He replied.

“Because of the color?” I asked.

“Yeah and because he can charm female horses.” He said.

“Liar.” I said looking ahead.

“What horse can charm female horses in such a way?” I said.

“You never know.” He said.  

We stop to set up camp as the sun was about a few hours before setting. We had tied the horses together by a tree near camp. Duke went to get some logs for the fire incase we get cold or creatures lurking near by in the forest.

I lay back down looking at the yellow sky and closed my eyes. I heard some shuffling and quickly open my eyes. Duke wasn’t here so it must be an animal or someone.

I reach for my knife in my pocket which I never tell Bertha about because well she will freak out and locked me up. No freedom but then again since when do I actually feel free once in my life. The old grandma will see to it that I will be a caged bird and die like one.

The rustling came again but it was soft and quiet. I got ready my knife as I pinpoint the sound.

“Got some logs.” Duke said behind me causing my to quickly turn around like lighting.

He quietly placed the logs down and started a fire. Well when I mean start a fire, I don’t mean the normal way.

I sat down near it feeling the heat. Someone was still there watching us. Was it one of Bertha’s man. No, this one is more quieter.

Duke sat next to me almost touching me but there was still distance which at the time, I appreciated. Right now I need to focus on our stalker.

Did Duke noticed our stalker?

The stalker mean no movement or noises as if he didn’t fear to make sound around me but only when Duke was here. He must know what Duke is then.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of our horses neighing. Was it the stalker?

We both got up to check what was happening. What I saw burned my eyes.

“MOONSTONE!” I said with harsh eyes.

She looks at me like she was caught doing a dirty deed and she was. Dark was trying to impregnate her and Dark had the same expression as Moonstone.

“Oh my god. You get off her right now.” I said marching over to them.

Dark gets off Moonstone as I move Moonstone a bit closer to camp but farther from Dark.

“Moonstone how could you let him do that to you.” I said as she kept looking at Dark.

I tied her to the tree and watch as Duke comes over with Dark next to him.

“If my horse gets pregnant I’m going to cut your horse’s balls.” I said to Duke who didn’t seem disturbed as far as I can tell by that.

Dark quickly moves behind Duke and looks at me almost daring me to touch him.

“Dark. Hiding behind your owner isn’t going to stop me from cutting your horse balls.” I said sweetly as I smiled at him.

The horse neighed at me.

“I can’t help it if Dark made Moonstone fall for his charms.” Duke ties him to a tree farther from Moonstone.

“What charms? He’s a horse.” I said trying to erase that picture in my head.

“He is my horse.” He said.

“Well your horse is one conniving horse may I say but nothing will stop me from killing it and roasting it.” I muttered.

“I won’t let you.” He said.

As we sat down by the fire, Dark and Moonstone kept making sounds and looking at each other.



My eyes!

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