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( it's short don't worry lads )

hey guy's...i know it's been a while since i've last updated anything and i bet you all are wondering when this book will keep going, right? well, until i get myself collected more and feel up to it, i really want to continue writing more on this book.

truth is, i have taken a break from wattpad due to personal reasons, but i would love to come back. when, i have no idea, but hopefully soon.

and to be honest, i wish i could re-write all of these since i have matured as a writer. re-reading these made me both cringe and laugh, and i have no idea why this book is so popular.

this book isn't done, not yet anyways. all of your support is AMAZING and i love you all. can't believe i've made it this far! you all are truly the best.

very much love,

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