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Their night had ended splendidly. They had kept the banter between them going like an old couple even though it would always be resolved by Lisa’s easy-going nature. It almost seemed like nothing could ever bring her spirit down. And this amazed Jennie so.

They drove Lisa back to her house. Part of her just wanted to see the place where the girl lived in, while another part of her also wanted to hold on to her oath earlier to not engage in any intercourse with her until she turned 18. And between the two, it wasn't such a hard decision to make in the end.

Lisa lived in a small house. Unkempt. The small lawn in front of the house was filled with uncut weeds Jennie was sure would’ve reached her waist if she had gone out. The exterior was very dubious as it looked like it might fall off any time. And despite the pitch black sky and the only source of light being the dim orange-hued street lamp, there was no light emitting from even the porch of the house to give the slightest indication that someone lived there.

“This is the house?” Jennie asked the girl who was holding the door open.

She knew it sounded so condescending to people who didn’t know better. But who would’ve thought that Lisa, the girl who smiled all the time and basically radiated rays of sunshine, lived in such an eerie-looking place. She almost wanted to just take her back to the hotel with her instead.

But Lisa nodded eagerly. “Yes.”

“I didn’t have the time to turn on the light on the porch. I know it’s not so fancy, but at least it’s home, you know?” she added. And Jennie thought that she had made a pretty valid point. So she let her close the door and rolled down the window.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” she asked.

Lisa eagerly answered, “Of course.”

She gave her a smile and went to tell James to start driving back to the hotel. But she was stopped as Lisa poked her head in through the window. “Wait,” she said.

Jennie wondered what else could it be this time. “What is it?”

“Since it’s our first official date and all, wouldn’t you agree that I’ve been a very nice date tonight and deserve at least a kiss in the end?” she asked her with that infamous Manoban smirk.

Jennie threw her head back and laughed. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “I can’t even with you,” she said between her laughter.

And Lisa, still with that damned smirk of hers, simply just cupped her cheek with one hand and pulled her closer by her neck with the other. “As much as I love the sound of your open laughter, Your Highness, I’d rather have the said laughter down my throat now,” she trifled.

And oh well, who was Jennie to refuse such temptation. She was only the daughter of the most powerful man in Asia after all.


The next morning, Jennie was woken up by the warm tropical sunlight hitting her skin. As she smiled when she was stretching her limbs on the huge bed, she thought of how much different the weather here was than in New York.

Around this time of the year, she would’ve been called crazy if she ever thought of going out of the house without her coat. Not that New York’s weather was wholly unpleasant, but it was a nice change for once. And not to mention the fact that her hotel was close to the beach, making it easy for her to listen to the sea waves as they flowed and ebbed.

Maybe she would get a beach house soon. Maybe.

Jennie then reached her hand out towards the bedside table to get her phone. As she saw the screen, a smile crept on her face when she saw the most recent notification on the top, and she hurried to open it.

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