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three days had past since the date of delilah's imprisonment at the avengers training facility. she was lonely, lonely and bored. steve stopped by everyday, he would come in and they would talk before he would excuse himself for either training or some meal.

meals were alright, they were better than prison food she would get anywhere else, but it was also a little exotic for delilah's taste. she couldn't quite comprehend why tony stark felt the need to give sushi to his only prisoner. but it was fine, it was fine except for "coffee with the convict". coffee with the convict was when tony would come in with a mug of espresso for each of them and discuss what future delilah had. she assumed it was just a ploy that he created to instill hope in her. hope that she would one day escape this cell, but it was also hope that he would crush, laugh in her face, spit on her feet, and walk away. he didn't seem to catch on that she didn't like the espresso, there wasn't a single time that she had drank the coffee that he handed to her. she wasn't not drinking it to spite him or push his buttons, she just couldn't drink the straight up caffeine unless the coffee was milked it down for her.

apart from coffee with the convict and her daily talks with steve, the blonde girl from new jersey had to rely on herself for entertainment. usually she found herself to be good fun, delilah didn't mind to be alone, sometimes she would rather be alone than deal with other humans. but when she was left with nothing and couldn't even entertain herself with her powers because she was a "threat".  occasionally she would bang on the walls and scream as loud as she could directly into the camera and its microphone, just to pierce the eardrums of whatever jackasses were listening to her. sometimes she would stand right in front of the cameras, they were not well hidden at all, and recite as much shakespeare as she knew, she also did it in various voices for each character.

"to be or not to be, you're being an asshole let me out. that's from hamlet by the way, you don't seem educated so i doubt you would know."

today she was expecting steve, it was around their usual time, and he did come. but by the look on delilah's face, no one could have guessed that this was a usual thing for the two. she was so astonished that he had the nerve to show up with various guards and ross by his side, this was their time together and he let others intrude on them.

"what the hell is this tom foolery?"

"you're getting out, delilah, be grateful." he said, his perfect smile nearly blinding her, did he use colgate or crest?

smiling giddily like a child, delilah nearly jumped up and down when everett ross was unlocking the cell, guards grabbed her by the cuffs and pulled her out as she received her talking-to. she hadn't been in the facility prison for long, but they knew her and her antics relatively well. they knew her smart mouth and sneaky attacks.

"listen up," the small man barked, "you're getting out, for now, any funny business and you go back in."

"funny business?" delilah questioned and played innocent as she was being forced down the hallway, "you would know about funny business, mister, since your whole life is a joke."

he turned around so fast delilah knew he was going to hit her, but she didn't flinch, he wouldn't hit her with steve here.

"go ahead," she gestured to his fist that was raised to punch her, "punch me and i blast you to hell, ross, take your pick."

"how about no one gets punched or blasted to hell!" steve cut in, wedging himself in between the "adults" that were bickering like immature children.

"we're taking you to the conference room with fury, tony, me, and probably natasha. you'll probably be questioned a bit but that'll be it." steve smiled, trying to smooth over the uneasy look that rested upon delilah's face.

"things won't go back, will they?" she asked, her lip puffing out as if she was in the verge of tears.

steve could only shake his head, he hated to disappoint her. "m'afriad not, doll. this will probably be your new home."

she tried to be optimistic, there wasn't much hope, if there was really any at all. maybe this wouldn't be half bad, maybe she would make friends and maybe working with people who held the same passions close to their heart like she did would be worth it. but, they could also be assholes, snobs, and delilah wasn't sure that they weren't just pretending to help everyone as a cover up for their real evilness.

upon entering the conference room she immediately felt uncomfortable. everyone's eyes were on her, the stupid blue jumpsuit, and the boxes that adorned her hands just so she couldn't break free. she could, but everyone seemed rather happy that they had got her under control and she didn't want to burst anyone's bubble. she didn't say anything, neither did they, she sat down on the chair that they pointed to, but it was different. every single chair they've had her sit in since she had been here had the restraints, but this one didn't. it was a normal chair, nothing to hold her back, silly mistake.

no one spoke, the room's air was thick with tension and a fake cough or sniff every now and then, no one spoke.

"are we gonna, like, talk or anything?" delilah asked, she was tired of sitting, tired of being bored, and tired of talking to the same people.

"why don't you introduce yourself, inmate?" the man with the eye patch spoke, she was slightly offended he didn't have a parrot on his shoulder, but not all dreams come true.

"i'm delilah, delilah everly."

"and your middle name is sol, correct?"

she nodded, unsure of why her middle name was important.

"why are you in here, delilah, in the cell at least?"

"i killed someone." she didn't mumble the words anymore, everyone knew.

"right," the director nodded before showing some footage of delilah using her powers on the projector screen, "let's watch, shall we."

delilah came across the screen, attacking a man who had been harming a girl not much older than herself. while everyone else in the room except delilah and fury watched wide-eyed, unable to believe that this was real. more clips began to roll and it came to a point where delilah was kind of embarrassed, it was as if fury was trying to brag about her or just make her feel stupid.

"quite impressive for someone who claims to be from planet earth."

she nearly scoffed, what did he mean by claim?

"i am from earth, patchy. i imagine you've seen my birth certificate, seeing as you're a stalker and such."

"pardon me, if you don't mind-" tony began, but delilah cut him off, "i do mind, actually."

he just rolled his eyes and continued talking, "it's hard to believe that someone that possesses your caliber of natural talent could be earth born, but regardless, it's amazing, i admire it. but please, do share why you target men on the streets."

"i can't keep waiting for the world to change."

"elaborate." it was way less of a question and more of a demand she knew she couldn't escape, so before sucking in a breath she began to speak.

"countless women are being assaulted, harassed, raped, and sometimes even killed on the streets because of twisted men. men do it to other men and even some women do it to men. it's disgusting. more than half of people that are assaulted end up with serious mental illnesses and are too frightened to report their attacker, in fear that it would provoke the individual to harm them even more," she sighed and began to compose herself, "as someone who's witnessed and endured this kind of abuse, i cannot sit idly by and let it destroy the lives of innocent people. since it's clear these criminals were never taught that what they're doing is wrong, i've taken matters into my own hands, i've taught them what they're doing is wrong. when it happened to me, i was too scared of my powers to save myself. so imagine the amount of women that have no powers, they can't save themselves. i fight for them, i fight for the people that can't."

bleakly, natasha smiled, there was no one she admired more than delilah everly. she was once broken, she healed herself, and began to help others heal. she messed up and it cost her, but she didn't let it effect her. natasha swore she had never seen a happier and kinder prisoner.

"you made a mistake once, everly," fury spoke, "but your heart is in the right place, welcome to the avengers."

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