Types of Reviewers

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Before we actually proceed, we should probably introduce ourselves. As most people know, I (ray_of_sunshine9) am a happy person who loves reading and writing almost as much as I love dogs. I've been reviewing for a few months, and I've been for Wattpad for a few years. 

This story is co-written with awesomeSTG - who is also a reviewer. I asked her to introduce herself a little, and this is what she had to say: 

Call me Painite! I'm an exhausted reviewer with a slightly critical personality. But don't be afraid of me! Seriously! I'm not a fire-breathing dragon or anything. I like the darkness; it protects us from being seen by people who judge. I like the fridge, it's full of treasures, and I like books because aside from the fact that they don't damage the eyes, they pick up your old memories and store them inside their beautiful leafy pages. Hmm... I like burning people too. Nice to meet ya!

And now, onto the content of the chapter: types of reviewers. 

Now, in the reviewing world of Wattpad, there are many, many reviewers. Each reviewer is different, as to be expected - different people do write different reviews. However, most of them can be classified into certain 'types', and we thought it'd be fun to break down these types below.

For your convenience, we've sorted these into classes. Feel free to tag anyone who you think fits one of these categories perfectly, and feel free to comment any types of reviewers that you can think of! 

And, now, without any further ado, the types of reviewers. 

The "Scrabble" Reviewer: [Class F]

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The "Scrabble" Reviewer: [Class F]

 You can't help but wonder how this reviewer came to be a reviewer. You can't help but wonder why people are still requesting a review from this reviewer. Why? 

In short: their reviews are a mess. Their review itself contains more grammatical errors than your entire story, they have more typos than correctly spelt words, their sentences are impossible to deconstruct, and you just read their review wondering whether they were even writing in English. 

The best way to avoid this reviewer is to check out their stories and their previous reviews. If you can't read their stories, nor can you understand their reviews, they're probably part of this category. 

The "Sugar-Coater" Reviewer: [Class D]

There's nothing wrong with the sugar-coaters! I mean, yeah, they end up being totally unhelpful, but that's alright!! Yeah, they're a total waste of your time, but that's totally okay!! 

No, but seriously. The sugar-coater, while great for your self-esteem, is not the most helpful reviewer in the long-term. If they do end up mentioning some flaws in your work, they'll probably gloss over it and reassure you that it's alright because all stories are flawed. However, a true reviewer should let you know that these flaws exist, and they should aim to give you tips and advice on how to improve. They're here to help you, not to give you rose-tinted glasses to wear.

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