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Within few second the door was opened and much to my relief uncle George opened it.

So far good

My poor heart beating too fast and hard for my liking but, nonetheless Lucy smiled and so does her children who like rather they would jump on him and smother him with the hugs.

"Ah finally the star of the night has arrived" uncle George exclaimed with the enthusiasm which unfortunately didn't share.

"Hardly would I say" Lucy muttered and they were ushered in the room with the gusto she couldn't muster at all.

"oh don't be the Debbie downer Lucy" uncle George scolded lightly "well just to warn you the whole family is here to greet you. Certainly, they couldn't contain their excitement"

"Whatever you say uncle" said Lucy softly, with her wolf senses she can sense the different scents in the house most of the family members she hasn't seen or heard in more than twenty years.

"so what should be expect great uncle?" asked Antalia "should I get my claws out or should I plaster the sweet sickening smile and flutter my eyelashes or just pout and act like the air head. What would you pick?" she looked at us expectantly.

"Just be quite hurricane" said Jed "because they didn't even know that we exist"

"ohh you are no fun wreck" Antalia said sounding upset.

"As funny is to see you guys going at each other, My mate and wife is shouting in my head to get you guys in and introduce you already" said uncle George and together with him we made our way into living room.

Lucy look knew there would be no heart-warming welcome, when they will knew about the kids and her wolf is also on high alert from the time we entered in the house not, much have changed but, at the same time many things have, photos of her father younger age lingered the hallways and so does her grandfather and grandmother few of council members photos are here too.

Lucy noted her kids are eyeing everything with interest and noting all the others things in their memories and surely going to grill her for the details later, they were so nosy but, with the heart of gold which she speaks with proud, they are her treasure.

Lucy didn't mention much to her kids about her family, she thought they will know everything when they will meet them, not that they were important. They threw her out and serve all the ties with her just to save their reputation their nose in the society over their own daughter, their own flesh and blood. Such thoughts gave her more conviction and will to face them with head on, no more hide and seek, no more living in the fear.

Within few seconds her uncle told they are in the main hall were all are waiting for them, for Lucy to arrive and show herself after so many years but, this time she is no longer the pushover they knew, she and her wolf is stronger more transparent on the things she want.

Soon all the eyes on them, on her, on her kids eyeing them with interest, threat, disgust, curiosity, loath, hate and much more but, Lucy masked her emotions well so does her kids.

"Guys" Uncle George called out for attention, not that he needed to "welcome back Lucy" and dragged her more into their vision "you remember her right Aaron, your little sister"

Lucy looked at her elder brother still same, handsome for someone who is hitting the fifty years of age, greying hair, same vibrant green eyes like their mother and blonde hairs like her and their father. They both gazed each other without blinking their eyes no one greeted her, not even her brother who still is gazing her with masked emotions.

Lucy snorted inside and what she thought a warm loving embrace from them, a big fat no is the answer.

"Ok then" Uncle George turned to me and mouthed sorry, to which I just shrugged my shoulder and gazed my kids who were both frowning and growing displeased, Jedrck is clenching his jaw tightly and Antalia well she is devil without horns when displeased, which she clearly is.

"Well I should go and call my brother" Uncle George said awkwardly and "you guys should sit" with that he disappeared to get my father.

We awkwardly stood there, when all are gazing us like throne under their bed well feeling is mutual that I wanted to say out loud but, considering me being on foreign territory I wouldn't take any chances, even if they are family, were family.

Not even few minutes passed Aunty Marie came from the kitchen, her face lit when she her gaze fell on me, she bee lined at me and caged me in her loving embrace, and we stayed like this forever and swayed from side to side, I can feel her shoulders shaking , her tears on my skin.

How I ironic you don't miss small things like hugs, someone missing you that much, when you are on the other end of that sick?

I patted her back little awkwardly didn't know what to say? How to confront her? It's been so many years, too many bridges to cross, too many stitches to sew.

"Oh honey" Aunty Marie said hold me in arm length distance , inspected me like my own mother , smoothed my hairs still crying a river "it's ok aunty Marie" I said softly to her "I'm fine, I'm here now"

"For now" she replied softly and hurt in her voice is evident "oh, where are my manners, c'mon take a seat. Don't be stranger this is the same place where you grew up girl" dragged me with her and together we sat down on the sofa, my kids still standing their awkwardly. I turned to them I motioned with my eyes to come and sit beside and together they made their way where I sat with aunt Marie, very much aware of the eyes on us but, to my surprise aunty Marie forget to see them and enquire me about them but, as soon as they sat she saw them and blinked twice and then turned to me and asked "who are these two lovely kids?"

"You will know in due time" was my curt reply to her and thank the goodness she didn't enquire more about them.

Before she could say something, Uncle George returned with that one person who never left my thoughts, my memories even some of them contain bitter songs in them, still the same sharp looking, authority pouring from him, dominating yet a calm persona to him, aged but, he was; is; and will be the first man I loved with everything in me, nothing can make me hate him not even when he was the source of many thorns in my way. As soon he stepped in the room his eyes landed on me and soon his gaze went to his infamous masked look but, he can't fool me he never did, because I was the one other than my mother to see past his hard exterior.

"Lucy" he greeted

"MR. Brington" I reciprocated.





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