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“Liz, we have passed this road twice already. This is the third time. Are you sure you know where we’re going right now?”

They had been on the road for quite some time now. And except of showing the direction every now and then, Lisa mostly kept to herself. She just leaned back on her seat and gazed out the window with a faraway look. This was the longest Jennie had ever seen the girl not saying anything. It made her worried as the only noise filling the silence was the soft pop music playing on the background from her playlist and the engine's hum.

But they seriously had passed the same road twice. And she was growing suspicious of just how exactly this date was turning out.

Lisa picked her head up off the window only to look down on her lap. “I don’t know,” she mumbled. And Jennie thought that the incident earlier must’ve terrified her worse than the girl was willing to admit. She understood that there was no way they could go on with their original date plan now.

Jennie didn’t say anything. She just opened the Maps app on her phone to look for direction. She also texted James and told him to get some things for them before she turned the car around, secretly wishing that this could cheer the girl up somehow.


Arriving at the hotel again, Jennie looked at Lisa who was still blankly staring outside the window. She didn’t even realize that the car engine had been turned off. Jennie sighed and got out of the car. She walked around the back of the car towards the girl’s side to knock on the tinted glass window of the car, successfully drawing Lisa’s attention to her. When the girl had taken her arm off the armrest, she opened the door for her.

“Hey,” she smiled. “We’re here.”

“I took us back to the hotel. I thought you would want to rest a bit,” she told her, looking at her beautiful albeit blank brown orbs. “I hope you don’t mind.”

And when Lisa didn’t say anything in response, Jennie just couldn’t take it anymore. She knew that she shouldn’t feel this way because Lisa was going through a bad thing, but she just couldn’t help it. She expected her to tell her what was wrong. She wanted her to open up and talk to her just like they did last night. Because being open to each other was part of the deal in a relationship… right?

So she smiled bitterly at Lisa and turned her back on her, intending to walk back to her room first. But that was when the girl finally regained her senses and realized that the other was leaving.

Jennie suddenly felt arms wrapping around her waist in a crushing grip, and something warm against her covered back.

“I’m sorry,” she heard the girl said.

“You were right. I don’t think I could go on with our date. I’m sorry that because of me we have to cancel our date plans. I’m such a killjoy. I should’ve been more grateful that you’re even willing to put up with me this far. I’m so sorry,” she continued with her voice cracking a little bit in the end as she apologized.

Hearing the sincere though self-accusing apology of the girl, she was quick to softly pry the girl’s hands off her waist and turn around to face her. “Lisa, you’re not a killjoy,” she told her matter-of-factly. “I would’ve been crazy to not do at least this much for you. I understand that things are not good right now. We have all the time in the world, monkey. We can always go on a date later.”

“But you’re going back tomorrow! It would be at least another month before I can see you again.”

Jennie smiled at her. “Then we will wait one month until we can have the best date ever in history. I’ll make sure it will.”

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