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I haven't been home in 3 days I only been face timing Alexis to make sure she okay. Alexis dad King is still away so I gotta do everything. I been calling her for an hour she not answering her phone she just better be sleep.

"Alexis" I yelled walking through the door of our house.

"Alexis girl answer me" I said walking up stairs to our room. When I get in the room she knocked out this girl always sleeping especially now that she pregnant. A couple weeks after our honeymoon she got real sick and I took her to the hospital and come to find out she was pregnant. I walked up to the bed and kneel down and kissed all over her belly and rubbing it she always sleeping in them little ass spandex shorts and sports bra.

"Daddy loves you I can't wait to meet you." I whispered to her belly while rubbing it and kissing it. She is 5 months pregnant now and is carrying big but I would never tell her that.

"Stop Damien I'm sleeping." She said with her eyes closed still.

"I know I've been calling you for an hour and you didn't answer you had me worried."

"Well your baby wont let me sleep most of the time and he moves to much" she said sitting up.

"You mean she moves to much" I said kissing her.

"No he I want a boy so he can be a momma's boy because I know if I have a girl she going to be obsessed with you." she pouted I just laughed.

"When is your appointment to find out that we having a daughter."

"It's next Thursday and we having a son."

"I'll let you think that" I told her while laying my head on her thigh while rubbing her belly still. We been in a good place since she been pregnant I've been working on my anger and everything has just been great between us lately.

"Are you staying home tonight baby we miss you and I'm tired of sleeping by myself because your baby only let's me sleep when your here rubbing my belly or laying on me." She said while playing in my hair that needs to be braided so bad.

"Yes baby girl I'm staying home tonight. What you want to eat because I know that's your next question" I said laughing.

"That's not funny I'm hungry all the time but I want seafood like crab legs and shrimp and corn eggs and potatoes and then I want some hot wings and a salad with a mango tea please".

"Alexis it's almost 10 at night that a lot to be eating right now baby girl" as soon as I said that she started crying what the fuck I was looking a her like she crazy these hormones are going to kill me.

"But please that's what I want" she said crying harder I can't believe she crying right now she is completely spoiled.

"Get dress baby so we can go get your food" she stop crying immediately.

"Yay okay I love you Damien" she screamed excited running into the closet to get dress.

"Can I keep my shorts on or should I change baby?" I just looked at her she know she not leaving this house in spandex shorts her ass all out

"Alexis don't play with me you know the answer to that now hurry up before I change my mind".

"Well I can't really fit anything else baby my thighs and butt is to big and my shirts barely go over this belly". She right about that she had a banging body before but her ass got so big I love it now.

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