Chapter 19: Tell A Story

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Jagger let out such a high-pitched squeal that it startled the old lady napping the back so badly she screamed as well.

"Good morning," Jagger stated calmly, heading down the road.

"Jagger?" Leanna asked cautiously.


"Where are we?"

"We are close to the airport," he answered, strumming his fingers on the steering wheel.

"I am in a car with a strange old lady and even stranger vampire. The last thing I remembered is an insane amount of pain and being followed by hunters. So excuse me if I need a bit more information than 'close to the airport'" she snapped irritably.

He let out a long breath, "If you must know, we are currently heading to the airport and heading to Rosebury, Maine. It's about five hours away. We are going to meet the Alpha Hope Lunar pack to get you help."

She blinked, "The Hope Lunar pack is a myth."

"That's what they want everyone to believe.  They are very peaceful, they don't participate in war and they are very ingrained in human society while still keeping to themselves."

His explanation did nothing to clear her confusion and the pain she was feeling in her head wasn't helping any.

"Why is going to help me? What help do I need?" She asked quietly, a bit scared now to be honest.

She knew her body was still feeling the effects of silver and wolfsbane that Rick had caused and everything from earlier was coming back. The hunters had put even more wolfsbane in her drink and it was affecting her deeply.

"Is it the wolfsbane the hunters put in my drink?"

He nodded, "I asked him about it. He said it's most likely a combination of wolfsbane and silver powder. He has very experienced healers who can help you better than anyone else."

"Wait, you're taking me to a bunch of strangers from a pack that everyone believes to have either disappeared or didn't exist at all?"


"Okay, let me out right now," she demanded, glaring at him.

"No. If I let you get out of this car, you are going to die because we are on a highway. And the wolfsbane too," he said, giving her a look.

"How do I even know you're telling the truth?" 

He shot me a look that just seemed to say 'seriously?'  

"Would you like me to call him?"

"Well how to do I even know it's an actual Alpha? It could be a vampire friend of yours. Maybe you get off on preying sick, vulnerable girls. I don't want to go to some pack to be seen by some strange Alpha!" She snapped.

"Do you have a name?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

She hesitated.

Did she want to give him her name? Did she want to give him her real name or a fake one? The point of running away was to start new, wasn't it?

She didn't want to be Leanna anymore. Not Leanna from the rogue pack, not Leanna the former mate of Vincent. Leanna, the pathetically weak Luna no one respected and cast out the first chance they got.

"Well? You got a name or not?"

She gave him a look, "Obviously."

"Well, what is it? I'm not getting any younger here. It's a name, not a secret code to some magical box."

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