Chapter: 60

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There was a puddle of red..

Y/N: *thinks* blood?!

You wanted to jump in the water to look but you realized that wasnt a really smart idea.

You stared at the water frightened that something happened..

You tried to reach for it.. but your arms were too short.

Then luckily you saw a gray something swim through the water.

You sighed in relief.

He swam up of the water.

He looked happy.

You did notice something.. he had a chain around his neck.

It was metal and looked heavy.

The seal changed to human.

J-Hope was all soaked in water (from swimming).

The chain around his neck got tighter.

J-Hope: your safe!

Y/N: yeah i'm fine. Are you alright?!

J-Hope looked at the chain and then at his leg.

You followed where he was looking at.

His foot..

Was chopped off.

Your eyes widened.

Y/N: did the-

J-Hope: its alright. Its regenerating already.

You then felt a hand on your shoulder from behind.

Bambam: there you saw that he is alright. Now lets go.

J-Hope glared at him.

Bambam: want to have your other half chopped off?

He didnt say anything.

J-Hope quickly leaned closer to your ear.

J-Hope: *whispers* watch out with what they want.

Bambam pulled you back from him and J-Hope just jumped back into the water.

Bambam: what did he tell you?

Y/N: eh.. to take care of myself.

Bambam glared at you suspiciously.

Y/N: so... you never explained clearly why you need me. Only setting you free from that mirror.

Bambam: some things are better not to be explained.

Bambam walked away again to the entrance of the cave.

You followed quickly.

Y/N:  wait..

You stopped walking.

Y/N: what was that animal sound? When i was waiting earlier?

Bambam: as i said. An intruder.

Y/N: and who was that intruder?

Bambam: just a lion, lets get going.

He grabbed your wrist and pulled you with him.

When you were outside the cave you noticed that the sun was setting.

Y/N: *thinks* i still dont get how its possible.. all of this under the castle thing.

Bambam: oh right *facepalms* you still didnt eat anything.

When he said that you noticed how hungry you actually were.

Young-jae: ah there you are!

You saw young-jae walk up to you with something in his hand.

Young-jae: it took me a while but i found something. Here.

He handed you a big bread.

You nod.

Y/N: thank you.

Bambam: stay here and dont go anywhere.. we have to do something.

Y/N: fine fine..

They both walked away.

You sat down on some rocks.

You enjoyed the beautiful view while eating the bread.

You enjoyed the beautiful view while eating the bread

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The bread was surprisingly tasty.

Y/N: *thinks* what to do...

Y/N: *thinks* i'm stuck here for now... and going back means something bad is meant to happen to J-Hope..

Y/N: *thinks* i.. can maybe go back inside.. but i cant move that wall that blocks the way..

Y/N: *sighs* what now...

??? Pov>
???: all preparations are done.
YEEE i'm still yelling at myself why i forget to update so much!

(I wanted to update yesterday but i was too busy.. with MY BDAY!!)

Anyway i hope you all have a nice day!💜💜💜

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