The Snap

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I added some people to make it "even"..and I tried to make it even as possible. Basically, this is what happens after the Snap. I really tried bros. I also wrote "were" so many times so now it looks really wrong. Anyway.

Were you spared? NO.

Bucky was the first to disintegrate. Steve watched as his best friend and lifelong companion turned to dust. Bucky barely even reached out before he was gone, his gun left behind. Steve's throat closed as he stared at the pile of dust that was once his best friend. Steve barely even got to his feet before he heard movement behind him.

As he turned around, he saw you, holding your body and shaking. Your body and skin was beginning to become dust, and Steve didn't have time to react. "Steve, I-" you were quickly cut off as the dust overcame you, and you were no more. He watched in horror as you became nothing as quick as Bucky did.

Steve collapsed to the ground, his fists against the ground, and he yelled your name until his voice became gone. He couldn't believe this-it couldn't have been real. You were there, you were with him-and then you weren't. It was surreal and heart wrenching. Steve couldn't bear it. All he could do was stare at the pile of dust that was once you.

Were you spared? YES.

However, you were on Earth, and Tony was light years away. You didn't even know if he was alive, or if he was dust like everyone else was around you. You frantically tried to find someone, anyone, that could just give you answers. Days after Tony went missing on that mysterious ship, you've been trying. The last thing he said was: "Be safe, my love." You couldn't even say I love you before the connection broke.

You found Steve sitting on the jungle floor, and you grabbed his collar and shook him, begging for answers. He had none.

Tony had the same worries for you. He didn't know if you got dusted or was alive. He was hoping for the best, that you were alive, but he feared the worst. He couldn't bare loosing you like he lost Peter. He couldn't fathom you becoming dust in the wind. He wouldn't. That's why he kept faith and hoped you were alive.

Were you spared? NO.

Thor lost everything. First his home, then his people, then his brother, then you. As he arrived on the Wakanda battlefield in all his glory, his newfound confidence didn't last for long.

As people turned to dust around Thor, he panicked and frantically looked for you. He couldn't loose you-not after what happened to him before. He couldn't be alone, he couldn't be without you. You were his love of his life.

He bursted through the trees into a clearing. The dusting was still happening, shrieks and yelling was surrounding Thor. He was frightened, yelling your name.


It was Natasha. She put a hand on his big shoulder, her expression solemn. She had tears in her eyes, which fell on a pile of dust.

Thor quickly put the pieces together-that was you. You were gone.

Were you spared? YES.

But your family wasn't.

Your children. Everything you had was gone. You and Clint weren't on the battlefield, but saw the invasions of Wakanda on the news. You told your concerns to Clint, who brushed them off.

Then your children were dusted.

You watched in horror as you shrieked in agony and fright as they disappeared in front of your eyes. Clint came into the room and saw.

There wasn't anything you could do. You were broken, an empty shell of a person-you were no longer a parent. If felt as if your soul was ripped from your body-it was as if you were dusted yourself.

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