When You Get Bullied

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Sorry it took me so blasted long to make this :)

Also, just to add a little something to this, the reader had hid the fact that they where getting bullied.

•Ever since your relationship with Leon had been public, you had been getting plenty of shit from fangirls
•You could handle it pretty well, but one day, one of them got ahold of your email address and house address, and made those two things public as well.
•You got hundreds of pieces of hate mail a day, sometimes thousands online
•Death threats, fake letters saying Leon was cheating on you, insults, everything.
•It was all so overwhelming to think that this many people despised you
•You hid this from Leon, because you didn't want him to have to say anything to his fans.
•You knew that if Leon found out, he would be absolutely furious with his fans, and you knew that not all of them where doing this, and didn't want those people to get blame pinned on them
•He heard you crying in your room, and knocked on the door at first
•You didn't hear it
•Eventually, he just walked in. He physically stepped back because of the shock he felt upon looking in your room.
•Hundreds of letters scattered all over your room, your computer showing countless emails coming in every second, and you...
•You where curled on the ground surrounded by piles of hate mail, your hands gripping at the sides of your head and streams of tears coming from your (E/C) eyes.
•You where startled to see Leon, scrambling to neaten the piles of letters as if to make it seem like normal mail
•He stopped you, grabbing your wrist and yanking you closer to him. He sat down with you on the ground, you buried your face in his shoulder and gripped at his shirt.
•He slowly picked up one of the letters next to you two, reading it over with somber eyes.
•It was one of the letters that claimed Leon hated you, that he was cheating on you, that he thought you where a useless bitch, and told you to kill yourself over and over.
•He threw the letter to the side, wrapping both arms around you.
•"Y/N, you don't believe any of that, right? You.. You don't believe... That I would ever do... *that*... Right?"
•You couldn't respond, although you didn't believe he would ever cheat on you, if you get called a useless whore enough times you start to believe that it's what you deserve
•He reached over to the computer, which was pinging annoyingly with every email that came in. He turned it off, returning his gaze to you.
•"Babe.. Y/N, I'd never. I would fucking never do that to you... I-I know my past... Shows that I had been unfaithful to others... But please, please believe me... You're my one and only..."
•You stuttered out that you do believe him, but you still feel awful
•"...Let's get you out of this room... Being stuck in here with all this shit will only make this worse."
•He picked you up and brought you downstairs to the couch, laying down with you.
•The next day, while you where still asleep downstairs, Leon took the hundreds of papers all over your room and threw them out. He took the time to go through and block as many of the emails as possible.
•After you woke up, he took you to come live with him for a while until this all calmed down.

•It was difficult to bully you, your boyfriend was the hall monitor guy after all.
•But you often got bullied for just that reason, people said that you didn't really love Ishi, you where just using him for safety at the school
•It was the worst at the beginning of the day, as Ishi often had to do something with a teacher or turn papers in before class started
•You never told him because you felt he had enough to be stressed about already
•However, today, Ishimaru had nothing to do at the start of the day, so he went searching for you.
•He noticed a crowd gathering, and quickly walked over to make sure no fights where happening bc of course he did
•He was startled to find you, sitting with your back against the wall at the center of the crowd, people where kicking and throwing things at you.
•Ishi being Ishi, he was able to get the crowd to disperse quickly
•He turned to you, asking what was going on.
•You could barely choke out an answer, and even when you did it was only something along the lines of "it's been happening for a while, it's fine"
•"Sweetheart, no... I made a promise to you that I would help make you feel safe around here... How long has this been happening.."
•You told him, ever since you two got together
•"...They think you're using me, huh? Man, I've felt... More relaxed and at ease than I have in a long time, thanks to you, and I doubt that's what someone who's being used feels like... Don't worry about them, I'll fix this..
•oof sorry this one is so like,,, not good it's one in the morning right now lol

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