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it was just now, after a hot shower and a single banana, delilah realized she really either needed to buy some new clothes or move in some she already had. standing in front of her closet, she felt absolutely out of her mind. to delilah, this was a date, or at least she thought it was. she hadn't spoken to steve since she decided she had the balls to go up and kiss him. despite how proud she was of herself, she was nearly embarrassed to have to speak to him again tonight.

she was wildly unsure of how he felt towards her. silently, she hoped she wasn't nothing to him. all of her high school years were spent wishing for some type of attention from boys, a horrible thought but it happened nonetheless. when she gained the attention it wasn't exactly the kind she wanted to receive, she hated to be picky but it hurt.

a knock at the door made delilah jump and broke her loose from the intrusive thoughts, she stood in a pair of leggings and a bralette, still not able to find a fitting shirt. upon opening the door she was met with the gleaming smile of natasha, who had said very little to the sunflower since she arrived.

"sorry," she said, her kind smile seemed a little fake, "a little birdy told me you had a date tonight." delilah wasn't sure if it was supposed to be a question or a statement she should confirm.

"i don't know if it's a date," she said, her embarrassment getting the better of her, "he just said to meet him on the roof at seven."

she laughed at the nervous state of the younger girl, "trust me, i've seen what rogers' is setting up, it's a date."

the blonde girl nearly wanted to groan, but she decided against it, not wanting to seem uninterested about her date with a super soldier.

"great." she mumbled, running a hand through her wet and tangled hair, nearly getting it caught in a thick knot.

"you don't want to go?"

delilah shook her head, probably too violently, "no, trust me, i want to go. i just don't have anything to wear."

the red head chuckled, delilah was quick to note that it probably wasn't her natural color, but she did want to know what really was.

"i've got clothes you can borrow, shorty, follow me."

"i'm not short." the blonde huffed, crossing her arms and reluctantly following the super spy out of the room.

delilah just stood and waited as natasha began to raid her closet, it seemed she had much more clothes than the younger girl, but she had also been there longer. she couldn't help but just shake her head at the clothes natasha pulled out to show her, they were either way too skimpy or way too nancy pelosi.

"can i borrow that sweater?" she spoke, pointing to a cream colored sweater that hung and was slightly hidden in the mess of clothes that were hastily shoved in the closet.

"yeah, of course."

pulling the sweater over her head felt refreshing, finally clothes that weren't athleisure or just plain athletic. it fit fine, it was a little big but who doesn't enjoy big sweaters?

"if steve starts to tell you war stories, pretend you can't hear him." natasha warned as she began to put all the clothes she ripped out back on hangers.

"i'm hoping he'll try to be enjoyable," delilah laughed lightly, fingers raking through her hair as the nerves collected, "i do like him."

the black widow smiled brightly, one of the few times delilah had ever actually seen her smile.

"i can't tell you much about him relationship wise," she admitted with a laugh, "up until i heard about your 'date' i kind of thought he was gay, but a lot of us did, so please don't like burn me."

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