Chapter: 61

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You ate the last piece of bread that you had.

You stretched your arms.

The sun was almost completely under so it was becoming darker.

And also colder.

Y/N: not much that i can do..

You saw in the last parts of the sunlight a creature flying.

Probably that giant bird..

You closed your eyes and enjoyed the cold breeze.


You heard something growl..

It sounded close..

You opened your eyes.

There was a giant yellow eye right in front of you.

It was bigger then yourself.

You gulped.

You wanted to scream out how scared you were..

But you hold it in.

The eye was just staring at you.

You stayed frozen staring back at the eye.

You looked around the eye to see what creature this is.

It had scales..

Dark brown

(Author: LIKE A SH*T!)

(Author: okay i'll stop)

You looked to the right where you saw its face coming to an end.

Then the eye began to move which drew your attention back at the eye.

It moved further away.

Slowly turning its head to face you with it's front.

All of a sudden a voice behind you spoke which made you flinch.

Mark: funny isn't?

You slowly turned your head around.

He was standing there smiling with his hands in his pockets.

Y/N: f..funny?

Mark snapped his fingers.

Mark: yeah.

You looked back behind you.

It was gone.

Y/N: *thinks* tch.. it was probably an illusion again..

Y/N: let me guess.. and illusion.

He clapped his hands.

Mark: your learning!

Y/N: YAH! That scared the frick out of me okay!

Mark: haha yeah sure.

Mark: anyway i came to get you.

Y/N: what for?

Mark: just come.. i'll explain when we are there..
Welp i have not much to say really😹

Have a blessed day 💜

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