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By the time they were done with their foods, they had to close the blinds because the sun was shining too bright over the horizon. Their make-out session didn’t last too long because somebody’s hands just had to wander too far.

Lisa was on cleaning duty, and Jennie took the opportunity to change the channel. At first, the girl complained about it from the kitchen because she could hear the channel changing. But when she got back and found Wonder Woman was playing, she didn’t say anything. Who could even say no to Wonder Woman?

After Wonder Woman was finished, Kingsman was supposed to play, but both Jennie and Lisa’s eyes were too heavy to stay open for another minute. So they fell asleep in each other’s embrace as soon as the trumpets for the catchy intro of 20th Century Fox started playing.

Jennie thought that everything happened so fast between them. They had done almost everything that people in relationships usually would’ve waited months to do. Even after only just making things official between them, it felt like nothing had changed at all. She wasn’t sure whether it was a good thing or not. But being comfortable enough with the girl to be able to do things like this—cuddles, kisses, and eating fast foods with cartoons, she didn’t mind. She believed that everyone did everything on their own pace. And if theirs just happened to be this fast, then so be it.


The next time Jennie opened her eyes the room was pretty dark already. She guessed that the sun must’ve been setting now, and she wanted to go up and open the blinds to let some lights in. Unfortunately, a deadweight had been placed on her, preventing her from moving. Lisa was basically lying on top of her with her head resting on her chest and her slender legs locking with her own. With what little light remained, she could slightly make out the girl’s face; her forehead as it peeked out from underneath her parted bangs, her eyelids and her long eyelashes sweeping her cheeks, her prominent nose, and to her luscious lips which was…

“LALISA!” she yelped, surprising the girl as she was woken up.

“What? What is it?” the girl picked her head up and looked around half-asleep and confused.

“You… just drooled on me!” Jennie complained, gesturing at her stained shirt.

“What?!” the other exclaimed, unbelieving. “No way! I didn’t drool!”

“You did!” Jennie insisted.

Lisa got up off the seat, relieving Jennie of the weight that had been pressing against her. “You have no proof! I couldn’t even see it!”

“That’s because it’s so dark here!” she pointed out the obvious.

“Why didn’t you turn the light on then?”

“How could I even get up with your heavy weight lying on top of me?” Jennie rolled her eyes.

Lisa was going to retort back and say that it wasn’t like the older girl wasn’t heavy herself, but she didn’t have a death wish. So she just groaned in protest and turn the light on herself.

“There! You can clearly see it! You were definitely drooling!” Jennie pointed at the now clear water stain on her white shirt.

Lisa rolled her eyes. “Okay fine, I drooled on your shirt. So what? We have done nastier things and you never once complained back then.”

An image of Lisa hovering on top of her with an ice cube between her tongue and the roof of her mouth, and her lips parting just so the cold and slightly sweet liquid could fall down and hit her own taste buds flashed in her mind. Jennie cursed Lisa and her brain for reminding her and letting herself be reminded of that moment.

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