Chapter 13 : More than a Friend

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Lavanya waited for a few minutes before venturing outside her room. She didn't want to cry before Vihaan and yet couldn't stop crying at the sound of her father's voice.

It took her a moment to convince her dad not to take the next flight and visit her. She didn't feel like it was her place to share Vihaan's past and so she simply told him half version of the truth. She cried because she felt bad for someone .

Lavanya was aware that it won't take more than a minute for her father to connect the dots, after all she was more than furious with the realization Vihaan had no one to look after in the previous call last night . Yet she knew her father won't push her if she was reluctant to share it with him.

So when she finally stepped outside, her heart fell to see Vihaan sitting in the living room and beside him remained his bag. She didn't know why he refused to accept her help and it made her frustrated .

" So you won't stay? " Lavanya spoke up as Vihaan looked at her in silence.

" It is better if I return back. I am fine now Lavanya, no need to worry about me " Vihaan answered back making her feel like it was all her fault that he once again changed his mind.

" Fine, go if that is what you want see if I care " Lavanya lashed back then promptly cried all over again because she did care.

" Hush Angel, Please don't cry " Vihaan voice sounded very near to her and it was only then she noticed he was beside her. How a man with barely enough energy to walk reached her the minute she cried she will never know, but she felt comforted by his presence even when he wasn't even touching her .

" What kind of monster did that to you Vihaan? " Lavanya didnt want to ask but the question slipped out because she needed to know, it felt like she wanted to find the person who hurt him .

" Someone who no longer can hurt me. Let us leave it at that please . " Vihaan asked her, but Lavanya shook her head in answer. Until she looked at him and realized he didn't want to talk about it.

" Fine. I won't ask you any question, but please stay " Lavanya didn't care if she had to beg him to make him stay.

" I can't Lavanya. I can't stand the look of pity in your eyes. Please let me go " Vihaan words took a moment to register but with it came her anger .

" Who made you the judge of how I feel. I don't pity you idiot. I am upset because you are my friend. I am upset and angry that someone hurt you when you were incapable of defending yourself. But how can you understand how I feel when to you I am just a stranger. That you couldn't even call me when you were sick " Lavanya lashed right back at him, then whirled around and walked into her room, closing the door on his face.

Truthfully she knew he was determined to leave and she didn't have the heart to see him go. So she remained in her room and refused to venture out even when her anger subsided, a part in fear that he really might have left another part of her wondered if he stayed behind.

Vihaan stood outside his Angel's room and regretted the flicker of pain he caused her by his words. He knew his Angel was different, yet when she ran away from the room after seeing his scars, he was overwhelmed by the countless memories of other doing the same when they saw his scars .

The Monster made sure to earn other Pity by showcasing him and he always felt like a caged animal shown around for entertainment purpose. Those suppressed memories made him utter those words that caused his Angel to retreat herself inside her room .

He knew after the way she was hurt. He can't leave and make her feel bad. So he went back to the room she gave him and took the shower he had planned to have before she stumbled into the room.

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