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Steve Harrington x Reader

A/N: Super unedited, it's another vine inspired one. This was almost a Billy drabble so if you see any billys when a steve should be there that's why. I hope you guys like it!


You were pissed. Apparently Steve had called you a bitch behind your back while he was talking to Dustin. You knew Dustin wouldn't have said anything because, Steve was Dustin's hero and he looks up to Steve but, even Dustin knew that you don't say stuff like that about your significant other.

You were glad he told you, at least you think you were. You were glad he told you what he had said but, also upset because what he said really hurt you. You're mood was now sour and you still had the rest of the school day to get through. You also needed to talk to Steve which means you might be yelling all night. Great.

You spent the rest of the day pissed off and ignoring Steve. You would usually eat with Steve in his car but, today you ate inside your car which you had parked in the very back to ensure that Steve wouldn't see you. You sat all alone in your car eating and planning on what you were gonna say to him later that night.

Unfortunately, Steve saw you on your way to your last class.

"Hey, are we still on for tonight?" He was talking about your plans for the night, your parents were gonna be gone and you would be home alone.

Through pursed lips you mumbled a quiet "yep" and went on your way. When you got home, you cleaned up a bit, and made some dinner. Steve would be here in about an hour and you were still pissed.

An hour came and went and you heard a rapid knock on your door. That meant that Steve was here. You opened your door and told Steve he was welcome to have any left overs of the dinner you had just made, he accepted your offer and you watched him as he ate. You were waiting until he was finished eating to question him about what he did.

"So, Steve, I heard that you think I'm a bitch." that was not how you planned that sentence to go but, thinking about the whole situation seemed to make you more upset and you just wanted to get it over with.

"Oh my God, really Y/N?" Steve took a deep sigh and rolled his eyes. Him doing that made you roll your eyes back at him.

"Yes really, Steve! Why did you even say that? Like what the hell did I do to you?" you were upset that he couldn't see why this bothered you.

"Look, Y/N, I'm sorry, I really am. I was talking to Max about you and I said you were bitch-" You cut him off.

"Oh my God Steve, you're such an ass!" You threw your hands in the air, you wanted this conversation to be over.

"Hey, you didn't even let me finish! So, like I was saying, yeah you can be a bitch but, that's not always a bad thing. Like when you're sick of Carol and Tina and you snap at them, or when you told Tommy to go suck a dick, that's when I love you being a bitch!" You kinda understood what Steve was saying.

"So, you like when I'm bitchy? Like it turns you on or something?" the puzzled expression that you had on your face made Steve laugh a little. You rolled your eyes and waited for Steve to answer your question.

"I mean, yeah it's kinda hot when you act like that. I'm sorry I called you that. I won't ever do it again." You accepted his apology and led him to the couch to watch a movie and cuddle.

After the movie was over, you took him upstairs to your bedroom so that he can stay the night. As you two were laying in your bed, Steve cleared his throat indicating that he was about to speak.

"You know, you may be a bitch sometimes but, I love you bitch and I'm never gonna stop loving you bitch." Steve laughed at his comment, while you smacked his chest lightly.

"I love you too Steve."

After that you went to bed.

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