Chapter 34 - I Guess We're A Team Now, Huh?

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Days had passed by. Peter and I aren't talking and I don't know where we stand. All we do is wave when we pass each other in the halls. I didn't know what to do, how to deal with how I felt. I spent most of my time in the empty gym, only the punching bags left over for Cap were left in the room. Every morning I would wake up so sore from training but I always seemed to return to it. 

Tonight is the homecoming dance at the school. According to Ned, he and Peter were going. Instead of going myself, I stayed at the abandoned tower for one last night. Dad and Mom were already at the new facility but I insisted on staying, claiming to help keep the place safe and secure. I watch as Happy loads the plane full of the last few items from the tower. But suddenly from my pocket, I feel my phone buzz. Pulling it out, I see that Ned was calling me. 

"Bored already?" I ask with a smirk.

"Erin, Peter needs your help." Ned says blankly.

"W-what why?" 

"He found out who the Vulture was. Or the Vulture found out who Peter was. Anyways, Peter's going after him now and he's going to need backup." 

I sigh softly and put my phone down while peeling my clothes off. Putting the phone back to my ear, I answer:

"Where is he?" 

"He's at an abandoned warehouse near the harbor." Ned tells me.

"I'll be there as soon as I can." I reassure while hanging up. Looking myself up and down in the mirror, I make sure my suit is still intact. 

'It will have to do.' I think since the suit was obviously worse for wear. 

I run downstairs to see one of Natasha's bikes still parked in the garage. I got lucky this time around. I grab a spare helmet and secure it to my head while jumping onto the padded seat. I open the garage door and once I was in the clear, I speed off into traffic. But in typical New York fashion I hit traffic.

"Oh come on." I grumble. Thinking quickly, I come up with a plan. A risky one, but a plan nonetheless. 

Laying my hand on the handle, I quickly twist it as I hear the engine rev from below me. When the light turns green, I gun it while fading both me and the bike at the same time. I laugh widely when my plan works and we fade right through traffic at full speed. After a few minutes, I take an alley road that spits me right out at the warehouse. Hitting the brakes, I park right in front of the warehouse to see a very dinged up Audi already outside. Peter must have beat me here. 

Quietly laying my helmet on the bike, I fade through the wall and watch Peter and the Vulture. Peter doesn't notice me...or just refuses to acknowledge me. The Vulture, on the other hand, uses my presence as a distraction. 

"Well look what the spider dragged in!" he says. "It's nice to finally meet you, Fade. Or should I say, Erin?"

"It's Fade to you." I reply with a glare as my vision goes a little blurry.

"Ooo, your eyes turn colours! I'm shaken to my boots." The Vulture says with dripping sarcasm.

"Anyways, as I was saying Peter, I just want you to understand." he continues. "And...I needed a little time to get her airborne."

Suddenly, the Vulture's wingsuit comes at us while it's airborne. Both of us dodge it, up, down, left and right. But by the time it stops, we were both too late to realize what it was actually doing.

"Umm, you didn't hit us!" Peter says a little cocky. 

"He wasn't aiming for us." I state. 

Both of us look up to see the ceiling caving in on us. On instinct, I grab onto Peter and fade him through the rubble. And for the first time since I've had these powers...I forgot to fade myself and a huge chunk of concrete hits me in the head.

Thankfully, I wasn't out for long and I slowly began to wake up. The sound of Peter screaming snaps me out of my daze faster. Looking up, I see him lifting thousands of pounds of rubble above his head and I smile weakly. Wincing the tiniest bit from the pain in my head, I fade through the rubble that had trapped me and escape its grip. Peter escapes at the same time as I do, so I rush over and offer him my hand. He takes it and slowly stands while putting his mask back on.

"I guess we're a team now, huh?" I ask with a small smirk.

"Yeah," he says. "I guess we are." 

"So what's his plan?" I ask Peter while handing him a spare communicator.

"He's going after the cargo plane that's flying to the new Avengers facility." he explains quickly while putting the bud in his ear. 

" do you. I'll follow and help where I can." I say while running across the rubble and towards my bike.

I hear Peter web onto something and fly away while I quickly get on the bike, not even bothering with a helmet this time. Once I get the engine running, I wait for Peter's next instruction as the cargo plane flies into the distance. Suddenly, I see the jet's invisible plates begin to spark as one of the engines comes flying off. 

"Peter, what's going on up there?" I ask impatiently.

"Gimme a minute!" he screams back. That's when I see the plane begin to descend. Revving the engine once more, I drive off towards the plane as it turns slowly.

"Erin! I'm going to try and land it near the beach!"

"I'm on my way." I say calmly while I fly through traffic. I arrive just as the plane makes its crash landing and it is engulfed in flames.

"Oh god, Peter please be okay." I whisper while running towards the crash site.

My eyes instantly land on Peter as I run past the flames and I kneel beside him. He instantly tries to stand up, so I help him and he gains his balance again.  A low rumble comes from a pile of rubble and I instantly know that our job isn't over yet. As quick as a bird, the Vulture flies towards the both of us and knocks us on our feet. We quickly stand back up, only to see him ready for another fight. Again, he flies straight over us but this time we drop to our feet. I grab onto his wings as my hands begin to glow. Then, I try to throw him away but he manages to fly behind me and throw me away. Fading through the blow, I stand back up and become solid. 

I run back over to the fight to see Peter fighting the Vulture in midair. Standing there helplessly, I float a piece of debris above me and propel it towards one of the Vulture's wings. But unfortunately, he saw it coming and knocked it away. Then, Peter drops to the ground only for the Vulture to pick him back up and slam him against the ground a couple of times. 

"Enough!" I scream while pulling Peter from his talons and running towards him. He tries to bat me away with one of his wings, but I fade right through it and punch him in the face. He quickly recovers and then tries to swing at me but I dodge it. I hear him growl in frustration and grab something from his vest. Just as I am about to rip his wingsuit off, the sharp pain of a blade pierces through my stomach. I look down to see a knife handle protruding from the side of my abdomen as blood pools around it.

He knocks me away and onto the sand, causing me to groan in pain. My vision gets blurry and my breathing becomes more spaced out. The crackling sounds of the fire begin to give out and I knew that if I didn't do anything now, I would faint. Wrapping both my hands around the blade, I yank it out of my side, causing me to scream in pain. I throw the knife away and force myself to sit up despite the pain to look for Peter. But I was too late. I merely got a glimpse of him running into the fire.

I scream out his name, both in emotional and physical pain as I shakily stand. Wobbling towards the new fire that had broken out, I try to fade but to no avail. I was too weak. Tonight was many firsts, and this was another one of them. A silhouette soon emerges from the flames and Peter walks out with the Vulture thrown across his shoulders. I sigh in relief and join his side, relieving some of the weight from him.

We tie the Vulture up to one of the crates he almost stole and Peter insisted on leaving a note. After we made sure that the Vulture couldn't escape, we left the crash scene and swung away together. He landed on a nearby roof so that I could wrap my wound up. But once I was done, all we could do was stare. 

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