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"where is she, derrick? you promised you'd keep her safe, you promised you'd keep this from happening." the voice that rattles the house is deep and cold, nearly splitting the old wood with each syllable.

"i did my best, your excellency, i'm sorry."

"you're sorry?" the voice laughs evilly, no image is shown, only the audio from every speaker in the house, sol does not seemed to be impressed in the least, "are you really going to lie to me and say you did your best? you and i both know the truth, you did far from your best."

"but, i-"

the god cuts him off, a video of him finally appears, sitting on a throne, draped in golden cloaks and white furs, a staff in his hand.

"but you didn't listen, derrick. i suppose i should've known better than to trust a measly mortal with my daughter for 16 years. you got attached, didn't you?" he cooed in a way to weaken and attack the human that stood shaking in front of him, "you are not her family, you are nothing! she is my daughter and you and no right to let her go with them."

"i'll have you know, delilah had to be taken because she killed someone, again. i suppose she gets the temper from you." he snapped, a boost of confidence surged through his voice.

"and i'll have you know her name is not delilah. i will also have you know that it's only a matter of time before odin tells his favorite son about his arranged wife, and then they will come for you."

the video and audio cuts out, leaving derrick to tremble and fear for the girl he brought in and raised as his daughter, he knew it wouldn't end well, but he also knew he had to help. he knew that he had to tell delilah, he had pushed it off for too long, out of all the things she deserved, she deserved the truth the most.

slowly he picked up his old phone, dialed her number, and anxiously awaited for her to pick up. he wasn't aware that her phone was in her room but she was in captain rogers' room. he let out a sigh when it went to voicemail, he was instructed to leave a message after the tone.

"hey delilah, it's dad. i think you should come back, we have to talk about some things. call me back please, i love you, my sunshine."

sadly enough, he could imagine the worry that would clog her brain when she listened to the voicemail. derrick knew his voice was shaking but he had no way to stop it, he was too scared. when he upset sol not only was his life on the line, but he knew the god well enough to know that if it came down to it, he would murder his own and only daughter just to prove a point. he was like delilah that way, both so headstrong but both so deadly.

at the top of the stairs, oliver had heard everything, he wasn't even hiding, just standing quietly at the first step, his heart pounding loudly. without thinning he decided to speak, deeming himself important enough to know what's going on.

"what the hell was that? who the hell was that?" he barked, the first time he had ever felt manly and in charge, it was weird.

"delilah's real father, sol, norse god of the sun. they didn't want her with the avengers, they wanted her to come back to asgard soon." he replied slowly, barely having the energy to speak about the ordeal that had caused him much internal pain.

"do you really even love her?"

derrick nearly smashed the glass of water in his hand when he slammed it down on the table, "excuse me?"

"if you claim to love delilah so much, you claim to love her as much as i do, but you keep letting people take her, why?"

he shook his head, knowing the younger boy would never understand no matter how hard he tried.

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