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"Growing up means being honest with what you want

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"Growing up means being honest with what you want. About what you need, what you feel, and who you are."

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[Warnings: smut, though nothing too explicit]

Two people entered their hotel room clutching overnight bags while their free hands were intertwined with the person beside them, their fingers clasped. The male's thumb rubbed the girl's knuckles soothingly.

Upon entering the room and shutting the door closed behind them, Thea had dropped her bag onto the ground and jumped onto the large double bed that sat in the middle of the spacious room. It had been a struggle to persuade their Father into letting her and Ben leave the Academy for the night, but after making up some bullshit story about wanting to test her powers around crowds of strangers, and some subtle meddling with his mind, they'd managed to escape into the night and book a room in a modest hotel not too far from home.

Ben had worried that using so much money would draw Hargreeves' attention despite Thea's meddling, but she'd shushed the boy and assured him her manipulation would stick, and that the old man wouldn't ever figure out they'd practically stole his money for their own use.

It's the least he could do, she thought bitterly. Sixteen years of a loveless childhood and now they were finally getting a night alone. No siblings, no monitors or surveillance, no demanding Father with hawk-like eyes watching their every move. Nothing.

Ben dropped onto the plush sheets beside her, sighing as his tired body met the comforting spring of the hotel mattress. He closed his eyes in contentment and Thea leant onto her elbow beside him to gaze at his face, enjoying seeing her love so free of the stress and anxiety he usually carried around with him.

Ben's eyes opened slowly and met Thea's soft gaze, the boy smiling up at her fondly. "Like what you see?" he joked, his voice soft in the comforting silence. The room was pretty soundproof - something Thea would deny fervently to having triple checked when booking - and so it was as though the two teens were inside their own personal bubble, away from the outside world.

Thea grinned at Ben cheekily at his comment, running her gaze across his figure suggestively. "You'll get no complaints from me," she winked. Ben huffed a laugh at her silliness, though she noticed his fingers twitch from where they lay beside her body, as though he was holding himself back from touching her.

That won't do. That won't do at all.

Thea had planned on them both relaxing for a while and possibly going out for something to eat before returning to the hotel room and falling into one another's arms, finally able to come together like they'd been wanting to for months now.

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