Chapter 14 : Do You Like Me ?

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Lavanya tapped her foot impatiently as she waited outside Vihaan class in a bid to see him. She couldn't sleep properly last night imagining Vihaan must be hurt once again by her actions.

When Vihaan finally emerged, she made herself wave at him and smile. But his response was more of a single nod as he walked towards her, the only consolation was that he wasn't ignoring her.

" You left without a word," Lavanya didn't know why she brought it up first when she knew the reason behind his departure.

" I overstayed and it was time to leave " Vihaan's answer didn't convey any glimpse of what he felt as he held on to his emotions.

" Okay, I didn't tell Gauri and Kavya about you, because they tend to tease me endlessly. I never had a boyfriend you know, while Gauri has Arnav bhai and Kavya has one new boyfriend every month. So if I mentioned you they would have jumped to the conclusion " Lavanya didn't care she was rambling, she wanted a flicker of emotion from him even anger was acceptable than this polite mask .

" I understand " Vihaan two word answer made her desperate, it was like he wasn't even accepting her explanation. Tears threatened to spill at the realization she may lose him .

" Do you like me ?" this was so not the way she wanted to ask the question, but Lavanya was desperate for any flicker of emotion from him .

At his silence she realised it was not the case for him. It broke her heart, but she understood that not everyone falls in love at the same time or with the same person .

And it was foolish of her to assume her feelings were reciprocated. She didn't even know if he considered as a friend yet she longed for more and it crushed her heart and the tears that she held back fell freely at his continued silence.

" I think I like you, more than a friend. That is why I didn’t tell my friends because i wasn't ready to accept it. I am sorry if my confession bothered you. I will leave now. " Lavanya didn't know how she told the words without completely breaking down, but she spoke those words because she needed him to know .


Vihaan stood rooted in his place as his Angel walked away from him. He refused to believe his Angel could care for him more than a friend. A Angel like her can't like him. He wasn't right for her.

He should have let her go, yet his feet ran after her because she had been crying and he didn't have it in him to let her walk away.

" Lavanya wait, " at the sound of his voice she stopped walking and yet refused to turn around as she was desperately trying to wipe away her tears.

" Look at me Please, " at the entreaty in his voice, she turned around to look at him and her heart squeezed in pain to realize how much she liked him and yet he didn't feel the same way about her.

" You don't like me, You think you do . You feelings are bit confused now and trust me Lavanya, it will fade away soon " Vihaan made himself say the words because it the truth. His Angel might have convinced herself she likes him, but it wasn't the truth.

It might be a mixture of emotion from friendship to concern but he knows that how far it can go, because he is unlovable .

And maybe he does love her, the girl from years back to the person standing before him, but he will never use her confused feelings to hold on to her .

" You are right, I think it all gone now . How can I like such a insensitive person like you " Lavanya lashed at him, furious that he was belittling her heart because her confession made him uncomfortable.

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