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"that's not your shirt."

delilah groaned from where she stood next to the kitchen counter, in her hands was a banana that she didn't get a chance to eat before someone ruined her perfect radio silence.

"too early, jamie," she sighed, calling the winter soldier by the name she knew he hated most, "plus, this could be mine, you don't know anything."

"call me jamie one more time, delilah, i dare you."

she smiled, unreeling the banana, "hey jamie, you're an absolute blithering idiot."

he grunted and moved toward her swiftly, grabbing her banana from her hands, throwing it on the ground and stomping a foot on it before twisting his foot around, making banana pudding in the floor.

as the yellow banana guts created quite the mess under his big black boots, delilah just rolled her eyes and retrieved herself another banana from the bowl.

"jesus christ, barnes!" natasha laughed, walking into the kitchen to catch bucky squishing the shit out of an innocent banana,
"what'd that banana do to you?"

before he could respond to natasha, steve had entered which grasped the attention of both bucky and delilah.

"she called me jamie again!" he blurted, trying to sweep up the banana remnants with his feet to seem more innocent.

"he grabbed my banana and assaulted it." she fired back, a painted finger pointed in bucky's direction.

"no i didn't," he tried to sound discreet, "i don't know what you're talking about."

"buck," steve laughed before getting himself a bagel, "the banana is literally on the floor."

"that's not a banana."

"then what is it?" the blonde man challenged back, taking a bite of his breakfast.

"that's obviously a pineapple."

delilah rolled her eyes and walked away from the kitchen, "this is making me lose brain cells." she complained, taking her and the shirt that didn't belong with her away from the others that occupied the fancy kitchen.

"so i take it you got far last night, huh rogers?" natasha asked, a devious smirk tugging at her lips.

"it's not like that," he shook his head before making bucky clean up the scene of his banana murder, "you know that's not really my style."

she laughed to herself, "right. and what is your type again? smiley ex-convicts?"

"she's not an ex convict." he rolled his eyes and got up to leave.

"she was arrested, 'imprisoned', and now she's out. i'd call her an ex-convict."

he shrugged and before leaving the doorway said, "i just call her delilah."

after leaving steve to handle the russians in the kitchen, delilah went to her own room. she stripped of steve's shirt and her old pajama pants before changing into her training clothes. she quickly darted down the hallway into the room where she kicked steve in the jaw, and then kissed him.

to delilah, the various weapons and weights around the room were relatively useless to her, she didn't need anything but her bare hands.

igniting the light that was constantly glowing inside, delilah began to play with the sparks that formed in her hands like the flames of a candle.

slowly but surely, the levitation began. this would only happen when she was really trying, it didn't take much of her strength, but she often preferred to stay on the ground so the fight would be fair to everyone else.

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