Chapter 3 - Tomorrow

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Ares Collin

"We finished our project for now so.. cheers?" Mason said as he lifted up his glass that filled one of the expensive alcohol. I lifted up mine and Josh lifted his glass too. We smiled to each other and drink it at the same time.

We just finished one of our biggest project with the government to make a new building along with some new public facilities so we deserve to have a drink and chill before another project come to us.

"This is so good.. it was quite worth it to spend 25.000 dollars for this." Josh said as he put down his glass.

"We really need a break, it's been a long time since I got laid. I really need that.." Mason said as he scanned the room hunting but he cursed right away knowing that there's no woman that attracts him.

"That's why you need to find a girlfriend instead of looking for a one night stand." Josh said and I chuckled.

"Having a girlfriend is fun but having a one night stand is more fun. All we have to do is just leave before the girl gets too attach." I said as I poured myself another glass of the alcohol.

"Having a girlfriend means she will cling to you all day and text you all day and then she will move into your house and she will get jealous easily and the list goes on." Mason said as he shook his head completely hate the fact of having a girlfriend.

"Not all girls like that, Mason."

"Well I guess your girlfriend is an exception." I said as I put some ice into my glass.

"Your girl is one in a million." Mason said that and at the same time I saw a beautiful girl walking into the bar. She was wearing a long black dress with a slit on her legs showing her thigh a little bit and she has her hair on a bun making her shoulder and neck line visible. Not to mention that she's damn attractive too. My eyes studied her from her head to toe as she scanned the room to find an empty seat.

She walked inside and my eyes followed her. She sat on the corner of the room.. alone.

"Find someone interesting?" Mason said and I turned to him right away.

"Maybe.. she just walked in." I said and Mason smirked.

"I saw her, she's hot but.. I can sense that she's.. not as ordinary as you think she will."

"Why?" I asked and Josh chuckled.

"I don't know. She kinda have a cold vibe to her. She might be hot but I don't want to deal with girls like her." Mason said and I rolled my eyes. We continued to talk about our future project and about moving our office to New York.

"She's drunk.. look at her." Mason said as he pointed at her. I turned my head towards the girl and yes.. she's 100% drunk.

"You can go.. maybe you can get laid tonight." Josh said and I smirked. I put my glass down and got up from my seat. I walked towards her table and before I can start a conversation, she already gesture me to get lost. Is this a challenge? I sat down in front of her and introduced myself.

I asked her name but she got up from her seat walking towards the table in front of the bartender. She ordered another drink and I decided to follow her. Suddenly I felt my phone in my pocket vibrating. I took it out and found a message from Mason.

Bet you 1.000 dollars that she's cheap. Ask her to sleep with you and if she agrees.. 1.000 dollar will be yours.
- Mason

I put my phone back inside and sat right beside her. I started to make my move but she was so difficult. She kept looking at the cupboard instead of looking at me and it frustates me a lot. That's why I just bluntly said 'Are you single? Do you want to have sex with me?' loudly and flatly because I don't think I'm interested to talk to her anymore. She stated that she's married and have 5 kids but she she changed it to 3, I know she's lying. She's still so young to get married and have 5 kids and there's no way she's already pregnant with this body.

I was going to go away but she said something that got me more interested.

"Just go away.. I hate talking to an alien species like you." She hissed as she lifted her glass and then drinking is all. I raised my eyebrows trying to process her sentence.

"Species?" I asked because wow.. I'm a damn species.

"Yes.. men species are dumb, idiot, stupid.. only carving for sex and they don't care about what other people feel."  Oh.. she just got dumped or maybe she just caught her boyfriend cheating on him or a trauma?

"Oh.. you have a trauma." I said flatly.

"Correction.." She turned to me as she put her index finger in front of me shaking her head.

"I just hate them.. they disgust me." She said it and then suddenly her body fell towards me. I caught her and she started to close her eyes. That made me a little panic because I'm not planning to drag a drunk girl tonight.

"Heyhey.." I said as I patted her cheek lightly wanting to know if she's out or still conscious. She opened her eyes slowly as she turned to me. She pulled the collar or my shirt and kissed me. She sat up straight and she started to kiss me passionately. I swear that I didn't expect this but I don't have any plans to back out either. I'm making out with a hot chick here.

We started to have a heated making out session until I felt my friend down there wanting more. I cursed myself for it because we're currently at the bar and I can't take her here.

"Let's go.." I said and she nodded. I grabbed her hand and helped her get down from the seat. I turned to Mason and Josh and they both already smirking big time. Mason gestured me to go and I quickly dragged the girl out from the bar. I quickly reserve a hotel room and go straight to lift with the chick.

I kissed her again when the lift door closed and she continued to kiss me back with the same pace. She got her hands on my chest slowly tracing down making my body burning with adrenaline. When the lift stopped and the door opened. I quickly grabbed her hand pulling her out. I tried to find our room by looking at the sign but the girl kissed my ear making my head can't process anything.

I grabbed her hand again and pulled her towards our room. I quickly opened the door and as soon as we got inside.. I kissed her again.

She took off my suit and started to unbutton my shirt. She was wild and hot. My body was crazy and carving for me of her. I slipped her dress strap slowly pulling it down revealing her beautiful breast. I cupped it with my hands and started to trail kisses on her neck slowly going down towards her breast.

She moaned and she pushed my chin up kissing her lips again. She took off my shirt and I helped her slip out from her dress. I wrapped my arms around her body kissing her and I got more crazy when I feel her body against mine. She giggled seductively as she pulled me towards the bed.

She threw herself to the bed pulling me towards her and now I'm on top of her. The kissing didn't stop, my whole body went crazy for her because of the hormone rush and the fact that I love her curves. She started to roam her hands on my back leaving hot trails all over it and I started to kiss her neck slowly down to her breast kissing it and cupping it. She moaned and I love hearing it.

My hands slipped into her panties and she flinched a little bit before she asked me that she wanted more. She begged me as she took off her own underwear. She pulled me begging me by looking into my eyes and she wanted me inside of her.

I was a little bit taken back because no one.. correction.. no girl had ever beg me like that before. I found it a little bit odd. I took off my pants and went inside her. My eyes widen when I realized that she's still a virgin.

I was going to back off that second but she pulled me closed. She's currently dealing with the pain as she groaned painfully.

"Don't stop." She whispered but I was planning to stop. She will regret this in the morning and I will have my ass beat by her when she realized that I took her V card when she's crazily drunk.

"No.. let's stop this.. I do-" Before I can finish my sentence, she kissed me again and flipped me over. She started to ride me and we became so wild that night because we kept having sex for hours without me getting tired. She was amazing and I want more.

We both fell asleep after that long and amazing night. I have her in my arms and she buried herself to my chest hugging me back. I have to be ready for tomorrow because she will beat my ass for taking her V card.

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