Chapter 7 - Not Easy

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Roseanne West

I've been so stress lately looking for my necklace. It was the necklace that my dad gave me for my birthday. I searched everywhere inside my house and even asked the hotel's staff for it because I'm willing to pay big time if someone finds that necklace and it ended up with Ares, the guy who I slept with last week.

"Do you want me to feed your or you want to feed yourself?" I turned to Ares coldly and I took my fork right away. I stabbed the french fries with the work and look at Ares ready to kill him.

I ate my fish and chips slowly that it looks like I only took a bite out of it. I gave half of it to my dad and just looked at the other half blankly.

"Do you want to order something else, Rosie?" Mrs. Collin asked and I smiled politely to her and said no.

"You said you want gain weight but you don't even eat your food." Ares commented and he really pissed me off right now. I wanted to smack him so bad.

"Mind your own business." I hissed at him coldly.

"Don't bully her, Ares. This is your first meeting." His mom said.

"Oh yeah.. first meeting." He said in a sarcastic tone and we both know that this isn't our first meeting.

"So Roseanne, what's your ideal type of men?" Ares asked.

"Well.. They should have 4 legs, they bark, they love balls and they're loyal." I said smiling to Ares and he just rolled his eyes.

"You love dogs? Ares has 2 dogs at home." Mr. Collin said.

"Oh really? Yes.. I love dogs." It's true though.

"I asked her to buy a dog but she never wants it. She said that she won't be able to take care of it because sh-" I glared at my dad because he almost spilled my job.

"She's not responsible." My dad said and I rolled my eyes.

"You can come to my house and play with the dogs. How's that?" Ares offered and I think that's the best chance for me to take the necklace from him.

"Sure. After this?" I asked cheerfully and he nodded.

"Great. That's great." My dad said and I know he's happy that I'm trying to my friends but sorry dad, I'm trying to get my necklace back not trying to be nice.

I ate the rest of my fish and chips slowly when our parents just talked about random things. Me and Ares just stayed silent all the time. After lunch, we all walked outside and they started to hug each other before going away.

"Rosie, don't be cold towards Ares and please be nice." He said to me and I nodded.

"I promise." I said nodding and my dad got into his car and left. Mr. and Mrs. Collin hugged me briefly and I thanked them for lunch. They're so nice and sweet but not their son. I bid them goodbyes and they left leaving me and Ares alone.

"Let's go." He said and I followed him towards his car. I got into the passenger side and put my seatbelt on right away.

"Do you really like dogs or are you just putting a show to get the necklace?" He asked.

"Both of them." I said honestly and he shook his head. He put on his seatbelt and he started to drive away. We both stayed silent inside the car and I don't even want to make a conversation with him.

"Uhmm.. where are you going?" I asked him because it's like he's going towards my apartment.

"My apartment, where do you think I'm going?" He asked and I just stayed silent. So.. he lives in the same building as me? I'm not surprise because he's rich and this apartment is quite expensive. He parked his car inside and I got out from his car.

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