Chapter 8 - Friends

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Ares Collin

"Fine.. strip!" I said as I gestured her body but before she can do that. Someone rang the door bell and I heard Mason's voice. Shit! I got up and quickly pulled Roseanne towards my room.

"Stay here and never come out."

"Why should I? I'm not-"

"Just do it or else you will get into trouble." I said and I left her inside my room. I walked towards the door and opened the door to see Mason and Josh.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"Oh come on.. we miss you already and besides we have to celebrate that we fully move to New York." Mason said and my eyes widen.

"Yes.. let's celebrate." Josh smirked as he showed me a pizza box and some alcohol bottles. No no no.. Rosie is here, you can't stay here now.

"Guys.. I will go out in a few minutes because my mom's in town. I can't celebrate with you guys."

"You can tell them to come here. I bet they will agree to have a party with us." Mason said.

"Come on.. I'm starving here." Josh said and I sighed.

"Hey I can't.. let's celebrate this tomorrow, it's on me." I said and Mason raised his eyebrows.

"Are you hiding something from us?" He asked.

"Hiding what?" Josh asked as he turned to me too.

"I'm not hiding anything.. it's jus-"

"Come here and enjoy it with us." He said and I sighed. I walked towards him and he gave me a glass full of alcohol. I talked to them normally but I kept looking at my door room. I was so anxious having Rosie in there.

"You guys have to leave.. I'm going to leave too." I said and I texted Josh for help. Josh nodded lightly giving me a sign that he received the text.

"Dude.. my girlfriend suddenly needed help. I think it's the best for us to go." Josh said and I nodded.

"Fine but tomorrow we will celebrate again and it's on you buddy." Mason said as he patted my shoulder.

"Fine.." I said and I started to lead them out.

"I don't know what you're hiding but your dogs seems to know where is it." Josh whispered and I turned to see my dogs keep scratching on my door and sniffing it.

"Just go.. I'll tell you later on." I said and he nodded. They both got out from my house and I quickly ran towards my room. I opened the door and found Rosie sleeping on my bed. My dogs ran towards her but it didn't wake her up. I told my dogs to go out and I closed my door. I looked around my room to see if she decided to find the necklace but no.. she didn't. I checked my drawers and my closet but she didn't touch anything. She fell asleep on my bed.

I mean Mason and Josh were here for more than an hour and it made me so anxious keeping her here but she fell asleep which is great. I don't want to deal with her dark side if she's awake. I sat beside her and studied her face.

Why do you hate men so much huh? Why you always push people away? Why do you even act like love doesn't even exist?

I pulled my blanket and wrapped her body with it. I walked out from my room and sat down on my living room watching netflix with my dogs sitting beside me. I looked at the food that Mason bought and I decided to take a piece of pizza.

I got up to take a can of coke from the fridge when suddenly Rosie walked out from my room. She smiled when the dogs ran towards her and I always felt a little weird everytime I see her smiling even though she's not smiling to me but when she does.. it's like the whole world finally at peace.

"Sorry that I fell asleep on your bed.. now just tell me what should I do to get those necklace back? It's my mom's and I just can't let you throw it away." She asked as she walked towards me. I looked at her disbelief and she looked at me confuse.

"What?" She asked.

"Did you just say sorry and acting so calm right now?" I asked.

"Just tell me okay? I'm tired and I want to go home. I hate being in other people's place." She said as she looked around.

"I told you about it already. Let's be friends for 3 months, that's all I want and I will give the necklace back to you."

"But what makes you want to be my friend? Making a deal must have a win-win situation and we don't have that if you suggest something like that." She said and that made sense because I should have try to make her be my slave or something but I don't really want that. Something about her that I really want to dig and find answer because I'm a man who always want answer in every question that I have in my head and when it comes to her.. it seems nothing comes out.

"Can you please think another way? I'm not good dealing with people and I don't really like dealing with men." She said and I sighed.

"Maybe I can help you.. how about that?"

"Look Ares, I don't want to deal with people besides my dad, my brother and his wife so can you please take it easy on me?"

"Fine. Let's meet once a week for 3 months." I suggested and she raised her eyebrows.

"Once a week?"

"Yeah.. and we can go anywhere to hangout." I said and she looked so uncomfortable already.

"If you don't like going out, you can come here or maybe I can come to your house. How's that?"

"This is weird." She said.

"We can start today.. I have food and we can watch netflix together." I said and she turned to the living room.

"This is going to be so difficult."

"Deal?" I asked in a careful tone.

"It means we only going to see each other 12 times right?" She asked making sure again.


"Fine." She said and I put my hand in front of her asking for a handshake but she seems not sure. She looked at me and my hand a few times before she took it and pulling it from me fast.

"Sit down.. do you want coke or sprite?" I asked her.

"Uhmm.. water is fine." She said as she slowly walked to sofa. I looked at her back and she kept looking around my house completely feeling uncomfortable.

Let's be friend, Rosie. We will be bestfriends by the end of the deal.

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