Chapter 9 - Privacy

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Roseanne West

I sat awkwardly on Ares' sofa and I kept feeling nervous. I kept trying to act normal but I can't. I can't believe that I just agree to this deal. I hate it.. I really hate it.

"Here you go." He said as he gave me a glass of water. I nodded and took it from him. I drank it and turned to the TV calming myself down.

"What do you want to watch?" He asked.

"You pick." I said.

"Can you come and sit closer? You're sitting on the edge of the sofa. I don't bite, Rosie." He said as he patted the spot right beside him. I looked at him and slowly move closer.

"You only move an inch." He said flatly.

"I'm comfortable this way." I said and he decided to let me sit there. He gave me the box of pizza and I took one. I ate it slowly and Eden came to my side which makes me more comfortable. I patted his head as I ate my pizza.

"Do you like romance movies? Action movies? Or.."

"Anything is fine." I said and he played 13 going on 30 which was my favorite movie. I love that movie and I always replay it all the time. I put my legs up and put my attention to the movie.

"Do you love this movie?" I jumped when I heard Ares' voice. I turned to him and nodded.

"I wanna ask you something.. what exactly your occupation?" He asked.

"I told you already, I followed my dad around all the time." I hissed coldly and I bit into my pizza after that.

"Why is it so hard to believe? I don't think you're a spoiled child."

"I am." I said right away and he just shrugged which is good. I put my pizza down and got up from the sofa. I felt so uncomfortable to be in one room with him, I always feel like someone chocking me all the time.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to go home. I don't like being in the same room as you." I said and he got up too.

"What? What's wrong? I didn't do anyt-"

"That's the point. Look.. I can't do this okay? It's making me anxious and go crazy. I don't like being with a stranger."

"I'm not a stanger."

"Well technically you are." I said coldly and he looked at me confuse.

"I'm your dad's friend's son."

"We just met today.. I mean we met last week but still."

"Fine, I'll let you go today but you need to give me your phone number." He said as he put his phone in front of me. I gulped nervously and shook my head.

"I'll keep my promise instead. I'll come here every Saturday. Will it be okay with you?" I asked as I pushed his phone away from me.

"I need your phone number, Roseanne. What if I have something important going on and I can't contact you to let you know about it?"

"Uhmm.." I sighed and I gave up. I took his phone and put my phone number on his phone. I gave it back and he smiled big time like he just won a battle.

"Happy now?" I hissed coldly and I took my bag with me walking towards the door. Before I can open the door, Ares grabbed my hand and that scared me. I pulled my hand away from him.

"Where do you live? I can drive you home."

"I.. uhmm no. No thanks." I said and I opened the door.

"I'll see you next week then." He said and I just nodded lightly. I walked out from his apartment and he closed the door. I walked to the lift and pressed the button.

What did I get myself into? I think agreeing to Ares wasn't a good idea.

I went down to my floor and walked into my apartment. I threw myself to the sofa and turned on the TV. As usual, being at home is the best feeling ever. My phone rang suddenly and I automaticly accept it because I know only Carrie who will call me.

"Hey Car-"

"Rosie." I threw my phone completely shocked to hear who's on the other side.

"Rosie, it's me, Ares." I took my phone from the ground and gulped.

"Uhmm why are you calling me?" I asked carefully.

"Did you take a taxi? I was going to drive you home but I don't see you at the lobby." He said and I sighed.

"Uhmmm yeah.. I did so.. no worries." I said quickly.

"Okay then." He said and I quickly pressed the red button. I quickly saved his number as 'Don't Answer This Number' because I don't want to talk to him or even answer his call. I turned off my phone and I just casually watch a movie.

After that I decided to take a shower and put on my pajamas. I turned on my laptop and started to write a new story. I brought my laptop to the living room and started to write there with Boyz II Men's song blasting inside my house.

I turned on my phone to call Carrie because I need to ask her some questions relating to love. Everytime I write something, I always ask her since she's an expert and she's married to my brother so it will be easier to imagine how love works.

Before I can call Carrie, there a message coming in.

Got home safely?

I deleted it right away and proceed my call to Carrie. I called her but there's no answer. Maybe she's busy or maybe she's on an airplane somewhere. She'll call me later.

"Darling I.. I can't explain whether we lose our way.." I started to sing to the song. Suddenly someone called me and when I saw the phone screen, I pressed the red button right away.

Someone rang my door bell and I got up walking casually towards the door. Carrie or Stefan better bring some good news or else I will ki- Ares?

"Wha- what are you doing here and how d-"

"I asked my dad to call your dad asking for your address and wow.. you live just 4 floors below me but you told me that you took a taxi home." He hissed coldly and I looked at him pissed. I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

"Listen asshole, I want to have my own privacy here yet you keep trying to contact me. I hate it! I don't need someone to worried about me or even text me. Now, are you happy that you know my house now? Just because I agree to your sick and crazy deal, it doesn't mean I will open up 100% to you.. let alone 100%, I won't even open up 1% to you." I hissed angrily and he took a really deep breath. He let it out and he looked at me completely out of words.

"I'm not your girlfriend or your friend, you don't need to worry about me. You don't need to care if I get lost, if I die or if I got rape. It's my business." I hissed and he looked at me coldly.

"You're unbelievable."

"Just go back and never come here again." I said and I closed the door in front his face.

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