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it had been four days since delilah's cap-titled "identity crisis". and the crisis had deeply effected her state of being. she was easily eating much less than she normally would, she rarely bothered to even show up for meals anymore. sleeping was another thing, she barely went back to her own room, she seemed to always be awake. everyone had caught on to her behavior, even peter, who was arguably the most oblivious to everything ever.

"maybe you should take a break." sam suggested when he saw her in the training room for the third time that day, athletic clothes hanging off her visibly thinner body as she let the light course through her body. she didn't look sickly skinny but she very was close.

"i can't." she didn't even look at him, just blasting every target that came her way.

"now, you sound like your boyfriend," he chuckled, "stubborn asshole."

her body grew tense and delilah stopped and stood, still not facing the falcon.

"he is an asshole, but he's not my boyfriend. i haven't spoken to him in four days."

ice cold. everything about her when talking about him turned her to more of a stone statue than anyone could have imagined. on the outside, she wanted nothing to do with steven grant rogers. but on the inside, she didn't want anything else but him. her own truth had rocked her to the core and she didn't know what to do, but she knew she wasn't ready to face it just yet, not yet.

"i'd get that new uniform on though, everly!" he called as he walked out of the room, leaving her alone, "we're leaving in 10 to take down some bad guys."

the new uniform.

the new uniform was literally out of a typical comic book, head to toe spandex. luckily it wasn't flame retardant so delilah could easily engulf her whole body, but it made her self conscious at times. full body white too, she wasn't sure what stark was thinking, but with her powers she had no chance at hiding either way. quickly, she braided both sides of her hair before putting them into one ponytail that flowed down her back and sat in between her horribly visible shoulder blades.

she hustled down to the jet lobby where everybody seemed to be looking for her or waiting impatiently. this was her first time on a mission, so she was rather unclear on what was going on.

steve, who apparently took the leadership aspect upon himself, typical, began to brief all of the avengers.

"hydra," he sighed, "again. this time in slovakia. we have the coordinates of their headquarters, they're waiting for us. game plan to be discussed on the jet, let's move out."

delilah couldn't help but roll her eyes at him, it was instinct, this also wasn't the damn army, steven. when she boarded the quin jet she knew she was the last one, but she didn't know she would get the worst seat as well.

"are you kidding me?" she huffed, throwing herself down in the chair next to none other than steve rogers.

steve wanted to talk to her, he even opened his mouth to say something before he had any idea what to say. but he ended up closing it without letting go of any words, she was staring off into space, doing her very best to pretend he didn't exist.

"how far away is slovakia?" she asked, not letting the silence settle in the cabin.

"maybe like eight hours. is something wrong delilah?"

she shook her head, "no. i just want to kill myself, but that's it."

"jokes on you," sam laughed, "you can't."

delilah rolled her eyes and burrowed herself deeper into the seat, "you don't have to rub it in."

six hours had passed with few people saying much. it was tense and both delilah and steve knew it was their fault, but neither were willing to admit it.

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