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Chapter Thirty

"Are you insane?" I asked Tyler from across the table. I sincerely wanted to know the answer.

"Nope," he replied, popping a fry into his mouth. "I'm dead serious. It'd be so much fun!"

"Um, no, it wouldn't." I argued. "It would be a near-death experience, that's what it would be."

"It's skydiving! Don't you think it would feel so exhilarating?"

Me, along with half of everyone else, shook our heads at his question. Faith, Andrew, Logan, and I, all agreed that there was no way in hell we would ever skydive. Mean while, Daniel, Thomas, Cole, and Tyler had it as the first thing to cross off of their bucket list.

"Yeah, no. I am perfectly fine staying here – on the ground –where I belong."

As Tyler continued talking about his dreams of going skydiving, I couldn't help but glance at Faith, who was sitting right beside him, snuggled underneath his arm. I smiled at them to myself. Tyler hadn't asked her to be his girlfriend, yet, but everyone knew they liked each other.

As I observed Faith, I saw her glance at Logan, as if she was telling him something with her eyes. Logan nodded discreetly, before standing up from the table.

"I gotta go, guys. I have to go ask Mrs. Jackson for some help with my english project. I told her I'd be going during lunch." He said, picking up his trey. "I'll see you guys later." With a wave, he turned on his heel and stalked out of the cafeteria.

While the rest of our friends continued talking, I muttered to Thomas, who was sitting to my left, "Do we even have an english project?"

"Nope," he replied.

I frowned, wondering why he would make up an excuse to leave. Just as I was about to ask Thomas again, Faith stood up, too.

"I'm leaving, too. I forgot I offered to help Mrs. Garcia grade some papers." She said, sending everyone an apologetic smile before turning and heading in the direction Logan had gone.

I narrowed my eyes into thin slits as I watched her walk out of the cafeteria. I knew they were only looking for an excuse to be able to meet up at Faith' locker, just as they had been doing the past few days.

I wished I could say that ever since the Thanksgiving dinner at Logan's house, Logan, Faith, and I had grown closer. But that, unfortunately, wasn't the case.

I mean, we weren't fighting or anything like that, but it was clear to me that something odd was going on between them. It seemed like they were in on something that I wasn't, and I felt like I was being left out on something important. Every time I pulled someone to the side to ask if they knew what was going on, though, the response I received was a genuine look of confusion.

I had caught them a number of times meeting up at Faith's locker after school and talking to each other quietly. Not to mention they were standing awfully close to each other for my liking, and that Faith seemed to be extremely giddy and smiley whenever they were together.

Faith? Giddy and smiley? That's when I knew something was up.

But what bothered me the most, however, wasn't that they seemed to be hanging out together more than usual, but that my two best friends where hiding something from me. I knew that if I didn't find out soon, I was going to loose it.

"I'll be right back," I told no one in particular before bolting out of my seat and going after Faith.

I exited the cafeteria and glanced around the hallway, wondering which way they had gone. I caught a glimpse of Faith as she was turning at the end of the hallway and followed her.

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