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"DAMIEN". I screamed in pain crying. He jumped up and grabbed his gun that was on the night stand. I guess I scared him by screaming he ran over to me since I was on the floor by the bathroom it hurt to stand up.

"My-my water broke" I cried out to him. He stood there he didn't know what to do.

"Damien she coming do something it hurts." I cried.

"DAMIEN WHY YOU STANDING THERE!" I yelled at me snapping him out a trance.

"Sorry baby let me help you up." He helped me to the bed and ran to the closet to get me something to wear. He came out with some PINK sweatsuit and some furry slippers for me to put on. He helped me get dress he threw on some sweats and a plain white tee with his Gucci slippers we grabbed the baby bags and he carried me to the car carefully.

"Hurry baby I have to push." I said about 5 minutes after we was in the car.

"No don't push yet we will be there soon." He said nervously.

"I-I can't hold her no more hurry please." I said crying "It hurts baby drive faster." I screamed I had I wanted to push so bad I couldn't hold it no more.

"5 more minutes breath baby breath." He said holding her hand trying to comfort her.

"Baby I can't I have to push." I screamed.

"Alexis don't push you cant have the baby in the car."

"How much longer I have to push I can't hold back anymore." I was squeezing the hell out of his hand.

"We pulling up now don't push baby." He ran out the car getting the nurses attention.

"My wife is about to give birth in the car." I heard him yell outta breath. The nurses grabbed a wheel chair and wheeled it to the car to get me out if the car.

"I can't do this baby it hurts to much" I said crying I'm exhausted and sweating and this baby won't come out.

"Baby it's a few more pushes and she will be out you got this." Damien said kissing my forehead.

"A big push on three okay." Doctor Jones said.


"1...2...3... Push". I pushed one last time her cries filled the room I lay back exhausted drenched in sweat but happy I'm finally get to meet my baby girl.

"You did it baby I love you." Damien said kissing me.

"I love you too baby."

"What are we naming her mommy and daddy?" The nurse ask.

"Kalina Bella Brown." I told the nurse with a smile. Damien mother name is Kalina and I wanted to do this for him as a surprise.

"Alexis seriously" he said happy and smiling.

"Yes I know how much she means to you and I wanted to do this as a surprise for you because I knew how happy you will be."

"I love you girl." He said kissing me.

"I love you too." I said laughing and kissing.

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