Chapter: 64

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Mom: well? Wanna go back a little? Or further?

Y/N: mm i guess.. further.

Mom: alright then.

She again stroke the air..

You weren't in your town anymore.

It was in a forest.

Mom: remember this place?

Y/N: no..

Mom: mm maybe..

She stroke her hand again.

You were at the castle.

Mom: lets follow someone..

Your mother walked to the door of the castle and motioned you to come over.

You both peeked inside.

You saw Jin standing in the hallway.

He was just staring at nothing.

He then looked at the door.

He sniffed the air.

Jin: this scent.. it smells.. like them..

He walked to the door and through you and you mom.

He walked into the woods.

You both followed him.

You could hear someone yell far away.


You looked at your mother.

Y/N: is.. this when my mot- my stepmother.. left me here?

Mom: yes... it broke my heart... seeing you so frightened.. but i knew you wouldn't be alone..

Jin stood there looking at the sky.

Jin: so it was true.. they had a child..

He sniffed the air again.

Jin: i think they wont mind having someone around.

He walked further into the woods.

You and your mom still followed him.

He then suddenly stopped and he leaned against a tree.

Then you saw.. yourself..

The other you stared at Jin.

Jin: hey what are you doing here? Are you lost?

While Jin and the other you were talking you looked around.

You spotted something in the trees..

A green eyed shadow.

Your eyes widened and you looked at Jin and the other you.

Jin: we'll meet again soon.

He ran away just like the first time you met..

The other you ran after him but couldn't keep up.

You couldn't see Jin anywhere and you looked back at the green eyed shadow.

You noticed it wasn't staring at the other you.

But really you.

Y/N: can he see us?

Mom: who?

You pointed at the shadow.

Mom: no that impossible.

Seeing those green eyes..

Y/N: wait.. what happened to me in the real world?!

Mom: what do you mean?

Y/N: you know it right?! You followed me most of the time right?

Mom: well... not after you met the vampires.. i thought you were safe there.

Y/N: the last thing I remember clearly from wha happened was me stuck in a sort of throne..

Y/N: and one of them called me.. king..?

Your mothers eyes widened.

Mom: king?! Did they mention a name?!

Y/N: no.. not that i know.

Mom: we need to get you back fast!

Your mom stroke her hand.

Mom: i'll go outside your mind and check what is going on.

Y/N: can i help?

Mom: you just stay here.. i'll give you some memories to look at..

She petted your head.

Mom: i'll be going now.

She disappeared.

You were standing in the white room again.

All of a sudden a sort of paintings appeared in front of you.

Well they looked more like mirrors.

You walked closer to one of them and touched it

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You walked closer to one of them and touched it.

Just like the mirror to the other world.. it looked like water.

Y/N: which one....
And yes you guessed it! You all can choose which one!!

(The green house is Y/N's (step) parents house)

(The castle is "not" the castle where bts lives)

Have a blessed day my lovely readers!!💜💜

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