Chapter 15 - Take a Peek

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Roseanne West

I felt something sniffing my body and I opened my eyes immediately. I jumped from the bed to see.. Eden and Morty. I looked around and I'm in Ares' room. I quickly ran out from the room and found Ares on the kitchen sipping his coffee.

"You're awake?" He asked and I sighed. I sat on the sofa with Eden and Morty following me around. I looked at the clock and it's 7 in the morning. I saw my bag on the table and I got up taking it. I took out my phone and it died.

"Here.. you were really drunk yesterday. I think you shouldn't drink alcohol alone or else you will end up on the street." He said as he gave me a cup of coffee. I took it and sipped it a little bit.

My eyes landed on the book that he's holding. He's reading my book? I turned to him completely shocked for a few seconds and I turned my attention to my coffee again.

"You said you love reading right?" He asked.

"I'm an editor, how can I not read?" I hissed coldly.

"I recommend you to read this book. I bet you will change your mind about your perspective of men." He said as he put my own book in front of me.

"I'm not interested." I said.

"This book is amazing.. here.. I'll lend it to you." He said as he gave me the book.

"I said I don-"

"Elena Parker, she's amazing. How can she write a romance story this beautiful? I bet she fell in love multiple times or maybe she's married already. How can a person really describe love so.. complex and simple at the same time?" Ares said and I looked down to see my own book on my hand.

I never even read my own book again. I might be a writer and I love all the characters in the book but somehow I don't have the guts to read my own book again after it got published.

"The main character.. Catherina Wilson, I love her."

"Romance stories.. they're like fairytales." I said as I caressed my own book.

"For me, I believe in love so much because I always see my parents being in love with each other for more than 30 years and I tried to find myself the right woman but I guess I haven't found her yet." He said.

"Do you think.. Elena Parker believes in love like you?"

"Of course, how can she wrote this novel if she doesn't believe in love? It doesn't make any sense." Ares said and I nodded.

"I suggest you to read it, you'll love it." How can I not love it? I'm the writer.

"So you never look up who Elena Parker is? You said you don't even know she's married or not or how many-"

"No one knows. Her fans always wish that she can reveal herself because everyone wants to thank her for making them believe in love again and have hope in everything they do." He answered and I nodded.

"I like this side of Roseanne. You never been this talkative but.. you seems to like to communicate with people." He said and I looked at him coldly. I gave the book back to him and he chuckled. I got up from my seat and took my bag.

I walked towards the door when suddenly the idea that came yesterday popped up. I stopped right in front of the door and turned my body.



"Do you believe love at first sight?" I asked.

"No. I hate that idea." He said as he got up from the sofa with his cup of coffee. He turned to me with his eyebrows raising up completely confuse with my question.

"How about love after you spend a night together?" I asked again.

"Uhmm.. maybe.. but I don't think you can love someone after having sex or spending the night together. You will love someone after get to know them and after you feel that you match with that person.. why are you asking me this?" He asked and I walked back towards him.

"In 12 weeks, you and I will go back to strangers right?" I asked seriously.

"I don't know, we can be friends. Why?"

"I don't want that." I said to the point.

"Why? I'm a rare species though.." He said proudly and I glared at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Bye." I said and I walked out from his apartment. I walked towards the lift and Ares' words kept repeating inside my head.

Elena Parker.. the writer that everyone thinks amazing actually not that amazing. I know and heard a lot of people actually changed because they read my book but I never thought it effect this much.

I went down to my apartment and took a shower. I changed into my comfy clothes and charged my phone. I took my laptop and started writing new ideas. After writing all my ideas, there's a moment of silence for me. I took a really deep breath and let it out slowly.  I tried to calm my heart a little bit and when I can't hold it anymore.. I cried.

After my mom died, I've been dealing with the lost for years and it never gets better. I love my mom so much that her death was like a slow motion to me. From that point of my life, I realize that nothing last forever. People will come and go, they will come giving you love and you giving your love to them but one day.. they will always leave.

That's why to prevent that, I've been shutting people out of my life. I prevent them to come and leave me with a lot of memories. I froze my heart and maybe I turned it into stone already because I don't want to feel love or pain again.

Now.. Ares decided to take a peek of my life but I will stay behind that door giving him only 0.00001% of what it looks like inside. I don't want Ares to ruin what I have or else.. the pain that I felt 7 years ago, will comeback and it will be much worse than before.

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