Chapter 17 - Mind Your Own Business

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Ares Collin

I kept walking behind Rosie all the time with a lot of thoughts inside my head. Should I just give up on her? I don't think she will change seeing her heart as hard as a rock to begin with. Did I make a really bad decision to be friends with her?

"Rosie!" I turned to see.. Rosie's sister in law, Carrie. She hugged Rosie tightly and whispered something to her. Rosie smiled nodding and then Carried turned her eyes to me.

"Who's this?" Carrie asked Rosie.

"I'm Ares." I introduced myself.

"Is he.."

"He's the guy that my dad introduced to." Rosie said and I smiled. Carrie grabbed my hand shaking it.

"I hope you don't be sad with all her cold and sharp words and attitude. I'm Carrie by the way." Carrie said and I chuckled nodding. Rosie rolled her eyes and Carrie dragged me and Rosie to get have coffee together at the cafe right in front of the book expo.

The cafe was filled with people but after ordering our coffee. Rosie left us to take a phone call and meet with someone for a moment.

"I heard a lot about you from Rosie." Carrie said and that surprised me.

"She told you about me? I thought she never shares her life with anyone." I was so surprised actually.

"I was surprised more when you wanted to be her friend. I never expect someone to willingly to be her friend."

"I have my reasons." I said honestly and she nodded.

"She might be rude, cold and mean to you but trust me.. she's not like that inside. She just shuts that side of her heart so she won't be experiencing lost again."

"I understand." I said nodding and Carrie smiled to me.

"Thankyou, Ares. It's not easy to be beside her but thankyou." Before I can answer, Rosie came back. She sat down and looked at her coffee blankly.

"Is everything okay?" Carrie asked.

"I'm fine." This time Carrie got a phone call, she excused herself and I turned to Rosie.

"Are you hungry? Do you want to check that restaurant out?" I asked as I pointed at the restaurant beside the cafe.

"I'm okay." She said and I nodded.

"Is something bothering you?" I asked again because her face shows everything.

"I'm fine, Ares. Stop asking.." I shut my mouth and she got up from her seat suddenly. I closed my eyes and leaned back to the sofa. I think I should go home and rest because dealing with Rosie always gives me a headache.

I opened my eyes when I heard the chair being pulled. I was going to say to Rosie that I want to go home but she put a sandwich in front of me.

"I bought that but I found out that they use mayo so I bought another one. That's yours." She said and I looked at the sandwich and then to her.


"You can go home after this because I'm going to meet someone from the company." She said and I nodded. I took the sandwich and ate it.

"Next week.. We can't meet."


"Do I have to tell you everything?" She turned to me raising her eyebrows.

"You have tell me the reason."

"Because I will have a meeting at home with my company so I don't have time to be with you."

"Okay." I nodded. One week break from seeing her.. that would be nice.

"I'll go inside first, you can go home." She said and I noddded. She got up and walked out from the cafe. Carrie walked in and she sat in front of me.

"She's going back to the book expo." I said and Carrie chuckled nodding.

"I kinda want to talk to you." She said and I raised my eyebrows wondering.

"Is everything okay?" I asked.

"Rosie.. I know she's difficult and I know that people might give up on her easily but somehow I believe in you." She stated.

"Believe in me? What is that mean? Do you want me to-"

"Opening up to new people isn't easy for her. I don't know if you want to give up on her now or no but as much as I know.. that you're the longest to stay."

"We've knows each other for 2 weeks." I said and she nodded. I looked at her disbelief.

"Thankyou, Ares. You don't know how this is mean so much to me, her brother and her dad. We really have been struggling to change her."

"I didn't do anything and I think she's a little bit nice to me because I have her necklace."

"Necklace? What necklace?" Carrie asked and my eyes widen. She didn't know about me and Rosie.. oh shit!

"Nothing." I said and Carrie let it slide.

"Okay then.. I have to go home. Thankyou Ares." She said as she got up from her chair. I nodded and she left. I took my sandwich and brought it with me to the book expo. I wanted to tell Rosie that I will go home now so she won't be looking for me later on.

I walked towards her company booth looking for her but she's no where to be found. I tried to look for her all over the expo hall but there's no sign of her. I decided to leave a message and when I was going to the toilet.. I heard a familiar voice.

"I told you I don't want to do it! Why are you forcing me when I always say that I don't want it?" Rosie bursted angrily.

"You can get more money and people will have their eyes on you-"

"It's not about the money!"

"Don't you want to thank them?" The man asked.

"Is everything okay?" I showed myself and Rosie saw me. Her eyes widen and she gestured the man to shit his mouth. She walked towards me.

"What are you doing here?"

"I was going to the toilet when I heard your voice." I said honestly.

"Did you eaves dropping?" She asked.

"I only heard that you two were arguing but I don't know exactly the topic." I said adding a little white lie.

"Go home." She said as she turned my body around pushing me towards the exit door.

"Go." She said after she successfully dragging me out.


"Mind your own business, Ares." She said seriously and I nodded.

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