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Sophia's POV
Day 14
I felt the chains that held me up to the wall. I fell to the ground  having no will to keep going. The hair fell over my face and my cut up clothes barely covered me.

"You have to eat before they get back," I heard a voice say. I was lifted up and the smell of fresh food made my mouth drool.

"You need to eat this not the shatter the plate," the lady said and walks off.

"Wait!" I blurt out. She turns around confused. I got to see her face and knew I would never forget her.

"What's your name?" I ask her quickly.

"Wake up Sophia," she said.


"Wake up!"
End of Flashback

I open my eyes and see a very shirtless Titus in front of me.

"Your family is on pack lands we need to get ready they should make it to the pack lands in an hour," he says tapping me. I let out a groan and turn the other way.

"Give me 5 more minutes," I mumble. I didn't get a reply so I assumed he left me so I could sleep a little bit longer. Suddenly there was a cold shock across my body. I sit up and my body was soaking wet in cold ass water.

"Titus!" I growl at him. He gave me a small smirk and shrugged.

"You obviously wouldn't get up if I yell at you so I found a different method," he laughs. I grumble and throw my legs off the side of the bed.

"Now my bed is wet. Where the heck am I going to sleep?" I ask him now in a mood.

"Well you can always sleep in my room," he smirks. I roll my eyes and get up and walk in the bathroom. I grab the towel of the rack and wipe my face.

"Ugh now I need to shower," I mumble to myself. I quickly take a shower and wrap the towel around me. I step out of the bathroom and walk into my closet. I didn't feel the need to dress fancy but my wolf told me we would eventually be Luna so I might as well dress like it. I wear a pair of white jeans and a cute top. I walk out and Titus was sitting on my bed.

"Here put this on," he said throwing a sweatshirt in my face. It smelt entirely of him and it sent my wolf on edge.

"Why?" I said trying to control my wolf. She loved the smell of him and it was intoxicating to her.

"So that everyone knows that your mine," he says getting up. I throw the hoodie on and he put his arm around my waist. We walk outside and someone jumped in front of me and shouted. I scream and jump backwards.

"BRODY!" I yell at him and smack him.

"Paybacks a bitch," he laughs. I groan and considered beating him up.

"I'm not in the fucking mood today," I mumble and lean my head Titus.

"Is it her time of her month?" I heard Brody ask Titus. I let out a low growl and Brody looks away and pretends like he didn't hear anything.  We walk on the rock path to the pack house and I realized something.

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