Got To Get Them Prep Work Done

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Sorry for the chapter being shorter than usual, It's just my brain can't word right now and it makes proofreading/heavily editing, hard. And I tried to proofread everything but I've been up for about fourteen hours right now and I don't know how good my proofreading at the moment.

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With my team and I flying over Feras, the major capital for all commons people, I looked down below me, not having to look over her side since Rima had cloaked herself. Per instruction of the head tournament advisor. Save the big reveal for the show. He said. The only way for people to see me is if they had a side view of me like my team did.

On the ground, hundreds maybe even thousands of people from all over the world were here for the annual tournament s. Mages, dragon riders, and commons people, anyone who could afford a ticket showed up to watch the three factions entertain the audience while the leaders of each fraction discussed the major issues on the planet. This year it was about the light and dark mages.

"Well, I'm glad we decided not to walk." I mused, watching as hordes of people crowded the brick streets below. Colorful rugs lined the sides of the roads, all markets trying to sell as much stuff as they possibly could for a ridiculous amount of gold or silver. The buildings around the city were nothing compared to the ones on the Dragon Islands. Instead of smooth granite and fancy stone, these houses were only two stories and were made out of grey brick or even stone.

"Yeah, no kidding." Lydia scoffed, peering over her dragons side. "I wonder how many fights are going to be happening outside of the arena."

"If people follow the rules, none," Easton says, cooly. "There's a reason why the leaders chose Feras to hold the tournament s. It's forbidden to fight on the grounds."

"And they're hosting one of the biggest fighting competition here?" Lydia quirks a brow at him. He nods, keeping his eyes down on the ground.

"Hey, I didn't organize any of this. I'm just participating in it."

"You and Norah." Lydia corrects. Her silver dragon slows until she's keeping pace with Rima. She makes sure to keep her distance, not knowing where the invisible dragon's wings are.

"Speaking of Norah." She says matter-of-factly. "You've been quieter than usual."

"No, I'm not." I try to shrug off her suspicion, not really excited to be within close proximity to my family. "I'm just focusing that's all."

She hums, unbelieving of my lie. But I think everyone can sense my tension and thankfully don't bring it up again after that. Not even Rima, who is just as awkward as comforting people as I am. She pretends to not notice my racing heart, one that should be excited with given a high honor of flying in the games. But instead, all I can think about is how my family will be watching me from their kabooz in the arena. My sister may not be participating in the games anymore, but the Crimson family still has to keep up appearances and shows up. I wonder if they're even thinking about me right now. Looking for the daughter they threw to the wolves. Maybe they might apologize to me now that it's been almost a year since the Choosing Ceremony.

As we fly closer, I look down at the throngs of people trying to make way through the giant stone arches, leading to the arena. They started to fill the stands to capacity while joyous music played through their loud chatter, that was distinct even from up here. The people in colorful clothing made their way to their seats along the stone benches.

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